Lowlands Group Donation Request Form
The Lowlands Group loves to support the communities that we are a part of. If you are interested in requesting a charitable donation from us, we ask that you first read our policy below before making the request.

Our charitable giving guidelines:

We prefer to give charitably to organizations that work in, or have programs that directly impact, the neighborhoods we work in. Due to the high volume of local requests we receive, requests pertaining to national or international organizations will generally be declined.

We prefer to donate directly to nonprofits in need of support. Again, due to the high volume of requests we receive, individuals or organizations raising funds on behalf non-profits will likely be declined.

With the exception of some gift cards, we do not deliver or ship charitable donations. All donations must be picked up at one of our locations or at our main office.

We donate to not-for-profit organizations only. Requests from for-profit organizations will be denied. Non-profits seeking a donation must supply their Tax ID number as part of the request.

Requests must be made online through this form. Any requests made via telephone, mail or email will be referred to this form. We ask that all requests be made at least 2 weeks prior to the date they will be needed. 4 weeks or more is preferred however. If we have donated to you in the past, we cannot guarantee future donations. However, please indicate this in your request below for consideration.

Lowlands Group will not consider donations to political organizations or their candidates, non-organized clubs, private clubs funded through membership fees, school clubs or organizations, sports teams (including local school teams), sporting events or individual sponsorship.

While we will consider all non-profit organizations, we prefer to donate to organizations that work in the fields of child health, development and nutrition; cycling advocacy; hunger relief efforts; culture and the arts; and environmental education and sustainability.

This application must be filled out completely to be considered and if a donation is made we ask that you send a letter acknowledging our donation for our records.
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Please keep in mind that the Lowlands Group receives many requests for donations. While we do our best to support our community, we do need to spread our charitable giving equitably over the year and across all of our locations. As a result, we cannot honor every donation request that we receive.
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