V8 JavaScript Language Survey
Help the V8 Language Team prioritize what we work on next! Here are a few questions about what you feel is missing in the browser.
What proposed JavaScript features would you like to see V8 implement next? Score 1-5 in terms of importance (5 is most important). Proposals are from https://github.com/tc39/proposals.
Class and Property Decorators
Private Fields
Public Class Fields
Arbitrary-precision Integers
Legacy RegExp features in JavaScript
function.sent metaproperty
What other missing feature(s) do you feel should be added to JavaScript? e.g features that are present in other languages.
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If you are using a library instead of a JavaScript feature (e.g Bluebird for Promises), why are you using it?
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What features from libraries like Lodash do you feel should be baked into the browser/node.js? e.g any specific array, collection & object methods
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What modern JavaScript features do you not use because you have found them to be slow for your application?
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Have you ever thought: Gosh, I wish I could do *thing* in JavaScript? What was it?
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