Application for Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs at Duke University
Please complete the questionnaire below to apply for the Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs. Learn more about the fellowship program here:

We recommend reviewing the application first (because you cannot save it), preparing all the required materials, and then returning to complete the application.

Due Friday, January 4, 2019 at 11:59pm PT/2:59am ET.

Teams are welcome to apply! Each individual should apply separately, but list the same Startup Name, and you can do a group video or individual videos.

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This program is only for currently enrolled Duke undergraduates. Seniors are welcome.
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Section: Availability Questions
If selected, are you able to be attend the Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs Spring Break trip to Connecticut and NYC?
Attendance is required. Flights, hotel, and meals paid for by the program. Total time is roughly 3 nights, 4 days.
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If we admit you to the program, are you willing to make this program, and your related startup, your PRIMARY commitment for the summer?
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Can you live in Durham this summer? May 20-August 16
You would be provided a $5,000 stipend paid in three installments. All students in the program are expected to live in Durham this summer. All teams will work together from our offices in downtown Durham.
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Questions About Your Startup (Required)
If you've already started working on a startup idea, what is it, how long have you worked on it, and what is the progress of building your product or service? Who are your competitors?
About 150 words
Startup Name: What is your startup's name? (If you are applying with a team, use the same startup name to help with sorting) (If you don't have a name, just describe the startup in a few words)
If you have an online demo, what's the web address? (Please don't password protect it)
If you have already participated in an entrepreneurship program before and/or worked at a startup before (even if the startup hasn't been successful), please tell us about it.
About 100 words (or leave blank if not applicable)
Do you have commitments, either this summer, or in the future (e.g. need to work an additional job this summer to make ends meet, accepted an offer for a job for the following year, going to grad school, received a fellowship, military commitments), and if so what?
About 150 words (or leave blank if not applicable)
Long term goal: What major problem in the world would you like to solve over the course of your career? It's ok to say "I'm not sure".
About 150 words (or leave blank if not applicable)
Graduation: If you couldn't work at your own startup, what company would you most want to work at when you graduate?
Anything else you'd like to tell us about your career goals?
Video (Highly Encouraged, but Optional)
The video can is sometimes the very first impression we have of you and can definitely set applicants apart.

Please tell us about yourself, what you've done in the past that's entrepreneurial, and what you'd like to do as part of Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs. Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?

If you're a team, you can make a group video (or individual videos), but have each person introduce themselves.

Link to your video on YouTube (leave it unlisted, no password)

1 to 10 minutes long.

Choose either:
- a Simple Video: It can be you just talking to the camera. Tell us about yourself, and what you've done that's entrepreneurial. And what do you want to do as part of the program? No special editing needed.

- a Creative Video: It can have multiple scenes or other people in it. It can even have animations. Be creative! These can be really impactful if done well. But might want to include elements of a Simple Video, talking into the camera about yourself and your idea.

Don't share anything sensitive or confidential. Assume that other people will see it and that it will be publicly available.
Link to your video
The video may be anything produced by you that you think will give us a better sense of you and your interest in entrepreneurship and Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs. Post on YouTube and make it Unlisted.
Are you a Merit Scholar at Duke?
This will help us coordinate on summer funding.
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By clicking "I Agree" below and submitting this page, I certify that this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I acknowledge that I will promise to abide by the following terms and conditions of participation, if I am accepted to participate in Duke University's Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs program and if I accept my admission to the program.

1. University and Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs Policies: I will comply with all Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs policies included in this document, the Duke Honor Code, and community standards. I understand that noncompliance may result in dismissal from the program at any time

2. I understand I am subject to Duke University academic, disciplinary, student conduct, and any other relevant university record checks to verify this application. If I am put on disciplinary or academic probation after Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs acceptance for a term that overlaps the program dates, I will be dismissed from the Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs program immediately.

3. I consent to participate in research relevant to the administration and impacts of the Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs program. I understand that my responses to Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs administered surveys, the content I provide to Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs administered blogs, videos and/or written or recorded records (including capstone papers) may be used as primary sources for research. I understand that Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs will also have access to select transcript information including but not limited to my gender, race/ethnicity, years of enrollment and graduation, intended or declared major, and student identification number to support relevant research. I understand that no individually identifying data about me or my participation will be shared publicly without Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs first obtaining verbal or written consent and that my data will only be shared in aggregated formats combined with that of other Melissa & Doug Entrepreneurs participants. Relevant information and research may be published or shared internally at Duke, including with other programs and departments, and externally with other institutions, organizations and publications.
By clicking "I agree" - I acknowledge and agree to the above Terms and Conditions of Participation.
I give entrepreneurship researchers at Duke University permission to contact me to learn more about the startup process.
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