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Hi, my name is Justin Glover...

My business partner, Brenda Gagne and I have a daily show (7 days per week) for high performers... high achieving entrepreneurs… People that have a message to get out to the world... (speakers, authors, coaches, service professionals, etc) ...REAL business owners who recognize the MASSIVE opportunity that the internet gives them to scale their empire fast, and want to learn how to do that in the easiest and fastest way possible…

...anyways, instead of creating content around things that we THINK will be of value to that type of person, we'd rather create content around things that we KNOW will be valuable.

so... that's where you come in...

We're looking for SPECIFIC questions that you would LEGITIMATELY love to have answered on our show by us. (we've sold millions of dollars worth of stuff online in the last few years)

I'm currently planning out next round of shows now, so ask your question below and I’ll make sure they all get answered in detail to the best of our ability, based on our experience in growing businesses thus far. meaning: you will get an episode of our show dedicated ENTIRELY to answering YOUR question(s). (most episodes like this run between 11- 22 minutes… so we’re not talkin' a 20 second answer)

We will also make sure that our listeners know EXACTLY who you are and how they can find their way back to your website... (although some people ask to remain anonymous...that’s fine too)

You’ll get a plug for your site URL or your own podcast show or whatever you want to plug during our episode. (read: a shout out on our podcast for submitting the question, AND a link back to your site on the show notes page for that particular episode) ...Plus, I'll let you know when the episode goes live and you'll get a REALLY in depth (hopefully kick ass) answer for your question.

No question is too big or small... If you have it, there is a chance that other business owners have it also, so ask away. It can be related to podcasts, webinars, content creation, productivity, speaking, sales funnels, work life balance, ect... whatever YOU want answered.

There are 2 ways to submit your question:

#1: Ask it via the form below

#2: Ask it via 90 second (or less) audio here:

Note: If you decide to submit your question via audio feel free to plug your site...Just keep it classy. (remember, it’s not a commercial) Below are 3 good examples of questions that have been used on the show already:

Example 1:

Example 2:

Example 3:

Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to submit your questions. By doing so, you will be adding massive amounts of value to people all over the world that have the same question as you… and your name and website will ultimately get exposed to thousands of people that might not have heard it otherwise…

When you submit your question below, you will be redirected to our blog where you can enjoy more episodes of the show.

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