Leading Edge and Wicked Wingsuits present - Mile Hi - Introduction to Big Ways

2012 is a big year for Wingsuit records both State and National. A 100+ way is planned for September. This is your chance to learn about the skills of big ways and to decide if you want to set your goal on the National record! This registration includes some experience questions, this is so we can plan the weekend accordingly, it is NOT to cut people, we welcome all wingsuiters to this event to develop and grow the CO community. It just helps to know in advance what we are dealing with. This event is preregistration ONLY and limited to 18 participants. Registration cutoff is April 6th. Fee includes Tee shirt and goodie bag...and of course organizing! Where: Mile Hi, CO When: Fri Apr 20th to Sun Apr 22 - Friday is an optional warm up day, but Sat and Sun should both be attended if we are going to have something large on Sunday. People showing up only on Sunday will not be able to participate in any record attempt. What: Fundamentals of big way flocking from exits to approaches and of course break off. A mandatory webinar will be provided in advance so we can make full use of jumpable hours during the weekend. Who: Organizers are Own Searls and Simon Repton. If a record attempt is feasible then we will incorporate it, but that is not the primary goal, skill development is. Payment - Please pay $20 directly to manifest. Any questions, email mhbw@wickedwingsuits.com
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