Decimal Test
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1. What digit is in the tenths place in the decimal 14.567?
2. What is the name of the place value that the digit 4 has in the decimal 53.84?
3. What value does the digit 5 have in the decimal 23.589?
4. Choose the decimal represented by this model.
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5. What is 3.24 written in word form?
6. Which shows a decimal for twelve hundredths?
7. What is 6.273 in expanded form?
8. What is four and fifty-five thousandths in standard form?
9. Which decimal is represented by the model?
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10. What is fourteen thousandths in standard form?
11. What is 5.037 in word form?
12. Which decimal is equivalent to 3.680?
13. Which shows two equivalent decimals?
14. In which pair are the decimals NOT equivalent?
15. Jackie bought a shirt for $8.89 Which amount is less than $8.89?
16. Which shows the decimals in order from least to greatest?
17. Compare: 0.64 O 0.62
18. Jeff earned $14.72 last week. Which amount is greater than $14.72?
19. Which shows the numbers in order from least to greatest?
20. Compare: 119.067 O 119.082
21. Round 16.589 to the nearest whole number?
22. What place was 3.878 rounded to in 3.88?
#23 - #25 Use this information for the next three
23. What conclusion can you draw from the information?
24. What conclusion can you draw from the information?
25. What conclusion can you NOT draw from the information?
26. Jasmine had $6,459 invested in the stock market until she lost $62 on those investments. How much money does she have in the stock market now?
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