2017 RUFDC Spirit Score Reporting Tool
This tool used by RUFDC to collect Spirit Scores for all 2017 games played.
Game Night *
The date of the game you are reporting (ex - "May 4")
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Tier *
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Opponents Team Name *
Name of the team you played against
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Rules Knowledge & Use *
Rate the opposing team's understanding of the rules of the game and their application. For example: They did not make unjustified calls. They did not purposefully misinterpret the rules. They kept to time limits. They were willing to teach and/or learn the rules.
Fouls & Body Contact *
Rate the amount of fouls and contact displayed in the game. For example: They avoided fouling, contact, and dangerous plays.
Fair-Mindedness *
Rate the opposing teams ability to display "fair play" during game. For example: They apologized for their own fouls. They informed teammates when they made wrong or unnecessary calls. They were willing to admit that we were right and retracted their call.
Positive Attitude *
Rate the opposing team's attitude during the game. For example: They introduced themselves. They communicated without derogatory or aggressive language. They complimented us on our good plays. They left an overall positive impression during and after the game. They placed extra attention on the Spirit Of The Game with costumes, games or prizes.
My Team Spirit Compared to Opposing Team's *
Rate your teams overall spirit compared to the opposing team. How did our team compare to theirs with regards to rules knowledge, body contact, fair-mindedness, positive attitude and self-control?
Any Extra Comments
Anything unusual that may have happened during the game (ex - a fight between players, etc)
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