Mt. Hope STEAM Elementary Magnet Bullying Student Survey

Bullying is when someone is treated badly on purpose because others think they are bigger or better. Bullying includes things like: Teasing, name calling, rumor spreading, leaving someone out of every game or activity, intimidation, threats, personal property damage or theft, pushing, shoving, or any other physical assaults. Any of these things can also be committed using the Internet, e-mail, telephone, text messages, or other forms of electronic devices and is also considered bullying.
Using the definition above, have you been bullied at school or on the way to/from school in the past year?
Where does it happen? (Choose all that apply)
How often have you been bullied?
How were you bullied? (Choose all that apply)
What do you do about the bullying? (Choose all that apply)
If you reported the bullying to a teacher or other adult, what did they do?
Have you bullied another student in the past year?
How have you done it? (Choose all that apply)
Why do you think you behaved this way? (Choose all that apply)
How often do you see someone get bullied at your school?
What are you most likely to do when you see someone being bullied?
Most bullying at school happens....(pick the best answer)
How much of a problem would you say bullying is at your school?
How safe do you feel at school?
In the space below, feel free to write down anything you think teachers, administrators, or parents could do to stop bullying and make your school safer.
Your answer
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