Event Registration Request
To be placed on the parish calendar, and/or to reserve space on the parish grounds, this form must be submitted no later than 14 days prior to an event. The event will only be approved for inclusion on the parish calendar when 1) all information has been provided and submitted, and 2) the parish office has approved the event.

For all events at Redeemer: Group shall be responsible for returning room(s) and kitchen to the same or better condition of cleanliness. Counter tops are to be clean and free from litter and garbage. Sinks are to be clean and free from food debris. Dishes, pans, etc. are to be washed, dried, and returned to their storage spaces.

Glitter and confetti are not permitted.

Food items must be removed after event, or clearly marked with group name, contact person, and date. If available for general parish use, mark and place in the refrigerator.

Removal of equipment from the parish premises is prohibited.

All table decorations, etc.,must be removed from the event space following your event. Use of tape or pins in walls, door, etc, is not permitted.

For parish events, disposable plates, napkins, etc. are available. However, groups may provide their own disposable items.

Dishwashers may be used, but your group MUST be trained in their proper use. Failure to be trained will result in the dishwashers not being available to your group in the future.

Food trash is to be removed from your space, and placed in the dumpster.

Candles are not allowed.

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If at Redeemer, please define layout desired
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Multi-Media Equipment
The parish does not provide computers or other devices. Connection to parish equipment is via standard VGA, HDMI, and USB ports. Parish not have adapter cable. The parish is not responsible for ascertaining whether your group's equipment works with the parish's equipment, but requires that your media be tested prior to your event. The parish cannot provide technical assistance during any group's meeting. No changes may be made to parish equipment. Your name below states that you understand this statement.
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If using Gillespie Hall, what equipment is needed?
For orientation on use of equipment, please call the parish office to schedule an appointment - 941 955 4263
If using other space, what equipment is needed?
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Will alcohol be served? *
Beer and wine only
If a meal is being served, please provide the name and contact email and telephone of caterer or parishioner in charge of the meal.
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Are linens being requested? *
Linens available for parish functions only, and are subject to availability. A linen cleaning fee will be charged. After event, please follow Linen Handling Procedures. Note: Plastic tablecloths are available, and MUST be used on drink serving table, or anywhere food or beverage might stain linens.
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