Give Back Day Program Application for Free Facility Repairs

A Give Back Day is a one-day repair project for a nonprofit, community service organization.

Projects are assessed, planned and led by Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago. The repairs are typically performed by a corporate sponsor who provides the funding and volunteer labor for the project; so the repairs are provided free of charge for the recipient organization.

A primary goal of the Give Back Day program is to strengthen and revitalize our underserved communities. We accomplish this goal by identifying committed community service organizations that need assistance and repairing their buildings for free. By eliminating the burden of building repairs, we enable these successful organizations to redirect their limited resources to serving their population.

To qualify for our Give Back Day program, organizations must:
1) complete a Give Back Day application
2) be a community service organization. Examples include: boys and girls clubs, early learning and daycare centers, schools, centers for people with disabilities, housing shelters, food pantries, and community centers
3) own* their building
4) be designated as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization

If your organization would like to be considered to receive a Give Back Day repair project, please complete this online application or call us and request a mailed application. Applications are accepted year-round.

For more information about Rebuilding Together Metro Chicago, our Give Back Day program or our Free Home Repair program, please visit: or call our office at 312-201-1188.

Thank you.

* There are limited circumstances that allow us to work in rented space. If you would like to review your arrangement with us prior to submitting your application, please contact us at 312-201-1188.

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