RealOptions Walk for Life 2017 - KENNEDY PARK (Union City)
Thank you for volunteering to help at our annual fundraising event on Saturday, May 13, 2017!

There are 6 different volunteer roles, details of each role are below:

1. Set-up or Teardown
2. Registration
3. Food
4. Attendee & Traffic Control
5. First Aid
6. Greeters

Under each role, there may be different time slots. You can sign up for 1 role and 1 time slot or multiple roles, as long as the time slots do not conflict.

To ensure we have a successful event, volunteers are encouraged to attend training on Monday, May 8th at Kennedy Park in Union City. We will reach out at a later date with more information regarding time.

**If you cannot attend the volunteer training, we can make alternate arrangements by phone.

After you submit your preferences, we will reach out to confirm your role and time slot.

Thank you!


Can you come to training on Monday, May 8th at the clinic at 6:30 P.M.?
1. Set-Up & Tear-Down Volunteer
Set-up volunteers will assist with various tasks such as unloading event materials and setting up canopies, tables and chairs, event signs, and event décor. Tear-down volunteers will assist with striking down event elements by putting away tables and chairs, cleaning up in the food area by picking up trash, and breaking down event décor items.
3. Registration Volunteer
Registration volunteers will assist participants with onsite registration by receiving attendee’s pledge forms, providing route and restroom info, handing out shirts, and assisting runners with bibs. In addition, registration team will be available to answer questions regarding basic event logistics.
4. Food Volunteer
Volunteers will assist with unloading packages of food, water, condiments, and others items. Volunteers will also assist with restocking amenities and condiments.
5. Attendee & Traffic Control Volunteer
Attendee & Traffic Control volunteers will be overseeing the walk / run routes. Walk Route Volunteers will stand at designated intersections to direct walkers onto the right path and assist with traffic control. In addition, volunteers will have water available at each intersection for attendees. Track Volunteers will be stationed at the running track to hand out water, fruits and serving soup after runners are finished, and assisting with directions back and forth from the quad area.
6. First Aid Volunteer
There are two types of first aid volunteers --- (1) First Aid volunteer for the walk route, (2) First Aid volunteers for the booths • Walk Route: Volunteer will walk the routes with the participants carrying first aid kits in case of an emergency or situation requiring first aid. Volunteers will be given designated badges signifying they are first aid volunteers. • Booths: Volunteers will staff first aid booths and will be paired with a nurse practitioner. Volunteers will ensure that water is plentiful for walkers and runners.
7. Greeter Volunteers
Greeters are the first person to greet the attendees, provide general directions and logistical information. • Point attendees in the direction of registration, restrooms, main stage area, run meeting area, and walk meeting area. • Direct attendees towards the right registration line according to their registration status (Pre-reg, same day reg, or if they are a runner or walker). • Hand out donation forms if guests don’t have it ready • Help people fill out same day registration form on iPad to speed up the registration lines.
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