Woodward County Storm Shelter Registrations
Use this form to register your storm shelter, basement or saferoom ONLY if you live in Woodward County, Oklahoma. Information given will only be provided to first responders during a severe weather event, or any event in which you could become trapped in your shelter.
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First Name *
List the first name of the head of household.
Last Name *
List the last name of the household.
Contact Number *
Number for contacting you if we have any questions. Cell phone number is preferred.
E-911 Address *
List your assigned E-911 address - no rural route numbers. If you do not yet have an E911 address, call 580-254-8586 to get an address assigned to you. (Note: An in-town address is your E-911 address). If you live out of Woodward county, please contact your county emergency management office, as those registrations will not be processed here.
Type of Shelter *
Select the type of shelter you have.
Is there anyone who has a mobility impairment in the home? *
Select "Yes" if there is someone who could not leave the home by themselves, such as an infant or a handicapped individual.
Receiving Warning Messages
It is vital that you have a way to receive warning messages in your home and at work. Outdoor warning sirens are just that - for warning you if outdoors, to go indoors and shelter-in-place. Ourdoor warning sirens should be considered a LAST RESORT and NOT SOLELY DEPENDED UPON for warning messages. If you have a cellular telephone, sign up for emergency notifications for Woodward County at www.readywoodward.com. In addition, get a NOAA All-Hazards Alert Radio from a local retail store in Woodward or at www.readywoodward.com. Program the radio with the SAME code 040153 to get messages for Woodward County.
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