Apply for The Rival at Fordham (for Fall Semester)
What is The Rival
The Rival is a digital opinion, commentary, and satire publication comprised of a network of college campuses. We publish creative, authentic, and intelligent content with a focus on general interest and campus news, entertainment, and college culture.
A quick video from The Rival's founders.
Our numbers
In 2016 alone, The Rival at Fordham was read by nearly 10,000 users and has received 40,000 page views. Nationally in 2016, The Rival brought in over 200,000 users and racked up nearly half a million page views.
Position Descriptions and Requirements
In order to maintain the integrity of The Rival Fordham, each staff member must understand that this is a job, not a hobby. You have a responsibility to your audience to create the best, most innovative, and most thought-provoking content.


Attend weekly Section Meetings and monthly All Staff Meetings
Write one story at least every two weeks
Maintain communication with your coworkers, Editor, and Directors
Attend Summer Training and On Boarding with HQ


Attend Strategist Meetings once every two weeks and monthly All Staff Meetings
Maintain constant communication with the Director of Communication and your fellow strategists
Post on social media throughout each week (3-4 times/week)
Create isolated digital campaigns (1-2/semester)
Come up with marketing campaigns/parties/events (1-2/semester)
Attend Summer Training with HQ


Attend and lead weekly Section Meetings, attend monthly All Staff Meetings, and meet biweekly with Directors
Write one story at least once every month
Maintain consistent production cycle every week
Maintain regular communication with your Staff Writers and Directors
Attend two Summer Training sessions with HQ

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