Community Service Approval Form
Complete this form and click on submit. The information will be sent to Mrs. Pearce who will email you back your approval for your service hours or project. Complete the Verification Form located on the website under "Campus Life --- Community Service" and submit it to Mrs. Pearce to have your hours recorded.

* Service hours should be pre-planned activities such as service to charity organizations, mission trips and community service volunteer work.
* Service hours should be limited to actual hours served, not practice, rehearsal, travel and sleeping hours. All service hours are unpaid hours.
* Students should check with Mrs. Pearce to make sure their hours will count towards fulfillment.
* Students must get prior approval before beginning their service from Mrs. Pearce.
* Service Hours are entered twice yearly. Students must have their hours turned in on a "Community Service Program Verification Form" by the required dates and should keep a copy of this form.
* Note: All school organizations must request permission for student service hours from Mrs. Pearce. Working school based athletic camps or academic camps does not qualify for service hours.

* At least 10 service hours for the fall semester are due on the first school day in December. The remaining service hours are due the first school day in May. REMEMBER that summer hours are due the first school day in October!
* Students who do not complete their community service hours by the end of the year will have the
number of hours not completed subtracted from their final Bible grade at the end of the year.
* Seniors must complete the minimum 100 hours of community service in order to meet the graduation
requirements and receive their diploma at graduation.

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