Spirit Creek Middle School Parent Survey 2016-2017
Thank you for taking the time to complete this very important survey. Your feedback is greatly valued and sincerely appreciated. Please give us your honest feedback!
Student's Grade Level
1. How welcome does the school staff at your child's school make you feel? *
2. What are the best ways for you to provide input regarding your child’s school? *
3. In the past year, how often have you had opportunities to visit with your child’s teachers to discuss your child’s progress throughout the school year? *
4. Do you know how to communicate with your child’s school when you have a question? *
5. Please check any of the following that will help you participate more often in school functions, activities, and planning events? *
6. When is the best time for you to attend a school event for parents? (check all that apply) *
7. In your opinion, how much do you feel your child’s school values parent input?
8. Which methods are most effective for school to home communication? (check all that apply) *
9. How well does the school’s parental involvement policy and compact provide opportunities for effective involvement of parents to support student achievement? (Found on school’s website) *
10. How do you think the Title I funds should be spent for the school and the 1% set aside for parental involvement? (Write response below or on the back of the survey)
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Please comment on ways the policy and compact can be improved and/or additional comments below:
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