PreK Technology Mastery
Reflect on this first year with a technology curriculum map and share your students progress in the skills. This will help guide the technology integration specialists as we consider where emphasis will need to be placed in the 2017-2018 school year and beyond as well as considering how to eventually adjust the curriculum maps.

Please note you can check the box "All students have mastered this skill" if 70% of the students in the grade level have mastered the skill. This takes into consideration the developmental status of all students in a given class.
Technology Operations and Concepts
Basic Computer Operations: Use an input device to select an item and navigate the screen. *
Basic Computer Operations: Use digital devices to explore stories with pictures, numbers, letters, and words. *
Basic Computer Operations: Use basic terminology in the proper context in conversation with peers and teachers (e.g., camera, tablet, Internet, mouse, keyboard, and printer). *
Basic Computer Operations: Demonstrate the ability to use selected apps and software on computing devices. *
Guided Internet Use: Navigate the basic functions of a browser. *
Please share your thoughts and/or questions about this skill including the hardware, software, or websites that assisted your students in practice and mastery. *
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