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I invite you to fill out my Health and Fitness Assessment to better serve you when we connect!
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WHY is this goal important to you? What would it mean if you achieved this goal? *
Examples: "By wearing that black dress, I'd be fit and feel sexy again, like I was before we got married" or "By getting back in shape, I'll have the confidence to go after my dreams" or "I want to be around for my grandchildren"
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Do you have an important event or date that you'd like to achieve your results by?
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What have you tried in the past that hasn't worked FOR YOU?
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What type of workout do you like to do?
Do you prefer High, Medium or Low Impact moves?
Do you have any physical challenges that would prevent you from doing a certain type of exercise?
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If you answered "Feel Better", please describe how you are feeling now, and how you would like to feel better.
Example: I have no energy and want to feel energetic
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What are your current eating habits?
Do you have a preference for your meal plan?
Example: I'd like to move towards a plant-based diet.... a raw food diet..
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Do you currently have a Team Beachbody Coach or have you ever bought a Beachbody program (P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam, 21-Day Fix or other)? *
If so, has your are you currently working with your Team Beachbody Coach or have they reached out to you recently? *
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