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Rasmus is pleased to introduce our newest service to assist buyers with the move of their purchases. VIP Auction Services is a concierge service acting as a move manager between you, your mover and Rasmus Auctioneers. For a fee of 10% over the move cost, the concierge service includes: 1. Forward your receipt and move details to our preferred mover for a quote 2. Arrive onsite for the auction pickup to identify and stage your purchases 3. Assure the mover has all of your items and has priority access to the loading facilities 4. Be a liaison between you, the mover, and Rasmus VIP Auction Services utilizes professional, insured movers who charge competitive market rates for their services. The service is intended for buyers who are looking for an easy way to purchase items at auction without the extra step of managing the removal. Services: Full Service - VIP will coordinate relocation of assets, delivery can include setup as well as delivery. Door to Door Service - VIP will coordinate relocation of assets to your home or office. Door to Dock Service - VIP will coordinate relocation of assets. You provide staff to unload truck at the loading dock or curbside. *Services are available on an auction by auction basis. Upon completion of this form, you will receive a quote from one of our movers. Simply execute the movers agreement and VIP will handle the coordination of the move on your behalf. As this service must integrate with the short removal time frame of an auction, not every purchase will be suited for VIP services. For those customers who are ready to proceed, VIP Auction Services can provide you a convenient way to save at auction without the extra steps associated with managing your own pickup or delivery. Pre-Purchase Quotes: We can provide pre-purchase quotes for buyers who expect to purchase larger quantities of items. Buyers interested in a quote on just a few items should wait until the auction is complete, as small moves are consolidated with larger deliveries. ***At this time we are only offering local moving quotes to VIRGINIA, MARYLAND,DC *** ** Please note this is not a discount delivery service we offer competitive moving rates** *Restaurant equipment thats built in will require inspection by techican before quoting* *** Please note, Deliveries are always made on the same day or night as the removal day to help keep the cost at the lowest amount. If you need to make an alternated deliver day or time please let us know so we can include that in our quote. We can also offer short term shortage.
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