Ask Tammy Duckworth to sign on to Raja's pledge:

* Not only will both Raja and Tammy pledge not to take a dime from SuperPacs, but both candidates will pledge not to accept any donations from PACs, international unions, lobbyists, or corporations. Basically, we should remove all D.C. money from this election. All donations received after January 1, 2012 will either be refunded or will be donated to a charity of the candidates choosing. * In the unlikely event that a SuperPac should get involved in the 8th District Democratic Primary, we will refuse to accept any donation from that entity. That said, however, we will not have our budget held hostage by a third party that we cannot control. * The best way to rid politics from the influence of money is to do away with the sole reliance on paid media as the primary means of communicating with voters. With that in mind, we propose that Raja and Tammy hold one debate a week from now until the election to allow voters from all over the district to observe a substantive discussion so they can make up their own minds. We will certainly work with you to establish ground rules, find a neutral moderator, and ensure that the debates are conducted in a fair and open manor. These debates will only be focused on substantive discussion of the issues.
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