PyCon Canada Volunteer Signup (CLOSED)

VOLUNTEER SIGNUP HAS CLOSED! Thanks for your interest, but we've fulfilled our volunteer requirements for PyCon Canada 2012, and will not be accepting further signups. - David Interested in volunteering at PyCon Canada ( Awesome! Fill out this form letting us know when you're available, and anything else we should know. Not sure you can help because you don't know Python, aren't especially social, or don't know what you'd do? Don't worry! If you're available, we'll put you to work. We'll even show our appreciation by feeding you! Some of the jobs will be: - Runner: ensuring that speakers are ready for their talk, announcing the talk, ensuring the talk doesn't run too long - Video recording: help record sessions - Registration desk - Gofer FAQ: Q: Do I need to register to volunteer? A: No! You don't need to be registered for the conference to volunteer. Q: Can I volunteer even if I'm registered? A: Definitely! Q: Why would I want to volunteer? A: Because you'll get to do useful work, contribute to the Python community, and (hopefully) have a lot of fun. We realize that PyCon would not be possible without volunteers, so you can rest assured that we'll take care of you. Q: What if I'm not available all day? What if I'm only available one of the days? A: No problem! Just mention that. Q: This FAQ doesn't answer my question! Who should I ask? A: Send an email to Thanks! - David

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