US History ELOs

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Content Area:      

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Using the above skills the students will demonstrate understanding of the following content areas:

1.   How have the promises found in our constitution of liberty and equality for all been realized by all citizens of the United States? (civil rights)

2.   What changes have occurred as the United States transitioned from a agricultural/rural economy to an industrialized/urban one? (economy)

3.   How has immigration benefited, changed and impacted the United States? (pluralism)

4.   What factors allowed the United States to grow from a small, isolated group of states to the world power that we are today? (foreign policy)

5.   How have we interacted with and changed the environment and how has the environment influenced the development of the United States? (environment)

6.   What current and future challenges face the United States and the guarantees of freedom and equality for all?