Parent Perception Survey
Thank you for participating on our parent perception survey. If you have more than child at CIMS, please complete a separate survey for each child.
What grade level is your child in? *
Do you know the difference between conflict and bullying? *
If you answered "yes" to the previous question, please write a one to two sentence description of the difference between conflict and bullying.
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In the last month, how many times has your child reported to you that this happening at school? *
Not at all in the last month
1-3 times in the last month
4-7 times in the last month
8+ times in the last month
Hitting/physically hurting
Spreading rumors or gossip
Leaving people out of fun activities
Making faces or mean gestures
Playing unfriendly jokes
Taking or damaging other people's things
Saying mean things about people online
Encouraging other students to not be friends with someone
When you hear these reports from your child, what has been your response? (check all that apply) *
I want to be more involved. Please consider me for a committee to discuss this topic and solutions further. *
If you answered yes above, please include your first and last name and email address below.
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