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2017 VBS Youth Helper Application
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Please choose ONLY 1 first choice. Choose N/A for the last area unless it applies to you. Understand that the change in schedule/format along with the limited number of youth helpers being accepted means you will be placed in the area of greatest need.
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I'd prefer a different area, but know I may be needed here.
N/A - not applicable
Classroom Leader: in charge of 4-5 students
Classroom Helper: helps a Classroom Leader
Nursery: plays with and helps with children < 3 yrs.
Rec Helper
Craft Helper
Snack Helper
Other: prearranged with VBS directors and/or Mayumi
Will you be participating in Body Worship? *
Mon-Thurs, 12:30-1:30
I understand I must attend a training day in July. I will attend on: *
I understand I need to print, sign, and return the VBS Contract form. I understand my parent needs to sign it. *
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