Earn-A-Bike Application
The Earn-A-Bike (EAB) program encourages people interested in learning bicycle mechanics to donate 25 hours of service to The ReCyclery over the course of up to seven weeks (from Thursday-Saturday, during shop hours) in exchange for gaining valuable skills and the opportunity to build their own bicycle.

Throughout the volunteering process, Earn-a-Bikers are expected to log their hours using the volunteer sign-in form on The Recyclery website. After 25 hours, the EAB participant will need to participate in a two hour orientation class. Then they have 1 month to complete a bicycle using used parts with the exception of cables/housing, tubes, brake pads, and a chain. If new parts are needed or preferred, a 25% discount will be applied.

If the bike or the hours are not completed within 1 month, the process will start over. Only one bike per person per year is possible with the EAB program.

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