Florence Cradle of the Renaissance
Complete Questions after you have read the passage.
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1. The Banking and Wool industries created wealth which allowed culture to flourish in Florence.
(True or False)
2. Public Spaces were influenced by humanist ideas, and grand backgrounds
(True or False)
3. There are 10 arches which meet together at the top of the Duomo
(True or False)
4. Artists used Science and math to create more life-like works.
(True or False)
5. Oil paint was made my mixing pigment and linseed oil.
(True or False)
6. Michelangelo's David was installed at the Medici palace.
(True or False)
7.  Renaissance Authors were known for writing about  secular (non-religious) topics.
(True or False)
7.  Summarize the plot of Dante's The Divine Comedy
(True or False)
8.  How did Leonardo DaVinci help further Science
(Write til' you've explained yourself.)
9. What is Galileo Known for?
(Write til' you've explained yourself.)
10. How do you say "New Market" & "Old Market" in Italian?
(Write til' you've explained yourself.)
11. What page is the illustration of a marketplace on?
12. How many paintings of Magi are in this Chapter?
13. Florence meets with the bank of which River?
14.  What buildings are West of the Duomo?
15. Who is the Greatest seventh Grade world history teacher ever? *
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