Professional Learning Groups
Beginning in January, portions of our PD half days will be dedicated to meeting in groups to collectively share and learn about a wide variety of topics. The goal of these groups is to provide opportunities to professionally grow and develop in groups around self-selected topics of interest. Each of these options are connected to one or more of the professional growth standards, but you are by no means required to choose the standard you are tracking this year.

Note that in order to have these sessions, we must have someone who is willing to guide and direct the conversations as a leader.

Please select your top three choices. For your first choice, select 1. For your second and third choices, select 2 and 3 respectively. Then, select "Not Interested" for all the remaining options.

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Student Engagement & Critical Thinking (Standard 1 & Standard 4) *
Trauma Informed Practices/Student Development (Standard 2) *
Cultural Proficiency/Teaching Diverse Learners (Standard 3 & Standard 5) *
Using Data in the Classroom (Standard 7) *
Literacy (Standard 4 & Standard 6) *
Project Based Learning (Standard 1, Standard 4, and Standard 5) *
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