P.S. 32 LMC Borrow Pledge
By signing you show that you understand your responsibilities in borrowing books from the library.

I promise to take care of the books that I borrow.

I promise to read the books that I borrow and will choose books wisely.

I promise to return my books when they are due (and bring them in to scan to renew them).

I promise to help others (and my borrow buddy) in the library.

I promise to participate in Social Readia™ and discuss books and reading.

I will also behave appropriately.

Borrowing is a privilege, not a right. Borrowing from the library entails responsibility. By adhering to this policy you will be allowed to borrow books from our library. Choosing to not honor this pledge will result in suspension of your borrowing use privileges.

I understand the P.S. 32 Acceptable Usage Policy for borrowing books. I will honor the above stated responsibilities. *
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