RSS feed,Twitter and Donation pages for Stations Public Radio Player

We're working on version 3.0 of the Public Radio Player iPhone app, improving the audio player experience for your listeners and our users. Two new features that we're adding are the ability for stations to add an RSS feed and Tweets. These will be displayed in your station view within the Public Radio Player. This gives people the ability to see news headline content and tweets from your station in the Public Radio Player. Once a user clicks a headline or tweet we direct them to your station website to read the full article or to Twitter. All we need to get started is five things: 1) Your station website URL (i.e. 2) The URL to the RSS/Atom feed (i.e. 3) Your Twitter username (i.e. @prx) 4) Your URL to your online pledge forms 5) Your email address If you have any questions or comments please let us know at Thanks, Matt MacDonald and the PRX development team
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