PRX producer survey - Fall 2013
Thanks for offering to help PRX! This survey should only take about 10 minutes to complete. We'll use your feedback to inform how we update
How long have you been making audio stories? *
How many individual stories have you created in the past 3 months? *
Which of the services below do you use? *
check all that apply
Have you posted a piece to Soundcloud in the past 12 months that you didn’t publish on PRX? *
How many pieces have you had broadcasted on terrestrial radio in the past year? *
How important is it to you that your stories are broadcast on the radio? *
Would you rather have your piece heard by 1,000 people on the internet you can contact directly or licensed and broadcast by a national show? *
How often is the work that you post to PRX previously paid for? *
Was it commissioned, grant funded, etc.
How important are these marketing channels for promoting your work? *
Not very
Very important
Email lists
Personal website or blog
Direct mail
PRX promotion
Print advertising
Phone calls
Paid professional marketer
Live events
What experience do you have with "crowdfunding" platforms like Kickstarter? *
What does PRX provide you that other services or marketplaces don’t?
What don’t you like about PRX? How might you improve PRX?
If you could create the perfect online service for publishing, sharing, marketing and monetizing your stories, what features would it have?
How can we contact you if we have additional questions?
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