LEAF Cultural exchange 2017 Taiwan Trip

In 2014 Su Ma Ma Chinese Club started its International Pen Pal Program. Students who participate in this program have fun sharing their culture with students in Taiwan, not only by classroom experience but also through traveling. Come and join our 3rd Annual LEAF Cultural Exchange Taiwan Trip.

Dates of Taiwan Trip A: 5/29/17 - 6/29/17

Dates of Taiwan Trip B: 6/8/17-6/29/17

Estimated Cost: $3500 ( 15 people and above) $3700( Less than 14 people)

Benefits of this program trip to Taiwan:
• Pre-trip preparation class
• Visit Pen pal schools
• Friendship with pen pal friends
• Pen Pal Schools provide a safe learning environment and nice host families.
• Longer cultural experience at a very fair price.
• Participate all different kinds of classes with pen pal school students.
• Safety and Friendly place to visit.
• Taiwan has kept many Chinese traditions while adopting a westernized lifestyle.
• Visiting beautiful national parks and cities.
• US passport holder doesn't require to apply for a Taiwan Visa
• cool experience of TV station or Radio station interview

LEAF Cultural Exchange, LLC will help provide travel assistance by arranging airfare, transportation, food, host family, trips etc.

Online meetings (Skype, Line, Facetime, Zoom) are available to sign up.

If you are interested in this incredible cultural opportunity, please contact us and plan to attend this meeting.

Videos of the Taiwan trip are available in the attachment.

For more information, please check out

www.leafculturalexchange.com or FB Fans Page @ Su Ma Ma Chinese Club

Dorian Conklin
Leaf Cultural Exchange

Amanda Conklin
Su Ma Ma Chinese Club

This trip is not a school district or state sponsored event.
Su Ma Ma Chinese Club, LEAF Cultural Exchange and Pen Pal Schools in Taiwan are organizing this trip.

Please fill out the form below. One child per entry. Thank you.

LEAF Taiwan Trip
Host family in Taiwan
American pen pals sent their love to the victim of earthquake in Taiwan
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During 2017 trip, Students performed with Jhuciao elementary in a TV show.
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