Options for Career and College Readiness

Internships & Apprenticeships, MATC, BYU or UVU, Specialty Schools, Early Graduation

Scholarship, New Century Scholarship, UVU Concurrent Enrollment, UVU Distance Learning,

AP/IB, NCAA Scholarships, Military, Scholarships

UVU Concurrent Enrollment 

Earn college credit by taking classes at THS fromTHS teachers... Tuition $5/credit!

 * Eligible in 11th or 12th grade (Sophomores by Exception)

 * Meet GPA requirement (3.0 for academic & 2.0 for vocational classes)

 * Pay $35 admission fee

 * UVU credit is transferable to all colleges in Utah

* Some credits BYU General Ed Articulated, others meet BYU electives

 * Example classes:, German, Medical Anatomy and Physiology, College Writing, College Algebra Trig,


 * 2014-2015 THS Informaton

 * For more information, contact Mrs. Pulver, LisaP@provo.edu

Advanced Placement (AP)

Receive college credit by passing National exams administered in May

 * Take Honors courses as prerequisites

 * Be prepared for tough classwork!

* Pay @ $80 per AP exam

 * Receive 3-12 college credits once you enroll in your college or university

 * THS Classes--  AP Art, AP Language, AP Literature (AP English 12), AP French IV,  AP French V, AP German IV,  AP German V,  AP Spanish IV,  AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, AP Music, AP Physics, Chemistry Advanced**, AP Biology, AP European History, AP World History, AP US History, AP Psychology, AP Human Geography  NEW    

**  Prepares students for AP Chemistry Exam

Internships and Work Based Learning

Work in a business or with a professional in the community to gain valuable experience in a

career field of interest:

* 11th or 12th grade or summertime

* Up to 2 credits per year

* Practical Arts or Elective Credit

* Take prerequisite Pathway courses

• Register with Mrs. Decker AnnD@provo.edu

• Examples: UVRMC, Elementary Schools,Provo Police, Daily Herald, Murdock Travel,

All About Pets, Highland Woodworks, Thanksgiving Point

 Mountainland Applied Technology College (MATC)

* Learn specific job skills

* 11th or 12th grade

* Spend ½ day at MATC; ½ at THS (Nights and Summers also available)

* $50 refundable deposit to register

* Some skill certifications & statelicensures available

* Many Programs are articulated with UVU for UVU Credit

* Earns Practical Arts or Elective Credits

* Registration Information available thru Mrs. Decker

Examples: Medical Billing and Coding, Chef Prep,

EMT, Computer Technology, Computer Networking,

Biotechnology, Dental Assistant, Nursing Assistant & Cosmetology

MATC Video


Earn college credit by taking classes at THS from UVU teachers by Live Interactive

 * Eligible in 11th or 12th grade

 *Meet GPA requirement of 3.0

 * Pay $35 admissions fee

* You will need to pay for your College Textbooks and supplies

 * Most classes cover 2 THS periods

 * Classes last one semester, are taught M,W,F or T,TH, & meet GE requirements.

 * UVU credit is transferable to all colleges in Utah

* Some credits  are BYU General Ed Articulated, others meet BYU electives

* More Information Available on the THS Website

Advanced Classes at BYU or UVU

Student may register for academic courses at BYU or UVU and advanced vocational courses at UVU

 * Take classes during day or evening

 * Receive both college & THS credit

 * Student must pay own tuition

 * For BYU, student must have 3.6 GPA

 * 3-5 college credit hours = 1 THS credit

 * Work with Lisa Pulver, LisaP@provo.edu for UVU Assistance


* Begin keeping written resume of awards,leadership positions, extracurricular activities, service, employment, clubs

* Prepare for  ACT by taking and using EXPLORE and PLAN Tests

* Take the PSAT

* Maintain high GPA in Univ. Prep classes

* Do an Internship or other career training

* Regularly check Mrs. Davis’s Scholarship and Financial Aid Pages on the THS Website

* Meet w/Mrs. Davis in the College/Career Center.

* Attend your PCCR/SEOP’s and bring your parents


*Utah Centennial Scholarship-- Receive $1000 for graduating one year early & $500 for half year early

* Must use scholarship at a Utah college within one year of graduation

* Use E-School, Summer school, & Internship to finish credits early


• Up to $6,000  tuition scholarship for next two years of Bachelor’s degree in Utah

REGENTS SCHOLARSHIP—Complete the required

core courses with a 3.5 GPA and 26 ACT


Associates Degree by the end of high school –Sept. 1

(See Mrs. Pulver to plan 11th &12th grade college credit classes)


Prepare NOW to be recruited for an athletic scholarship!

The NCAA requires athletes to meet academic standards:

 * Graduate from high school

 * Achieve a satisfactory Index score between your ACT score & your GPA

 * Complete 16 University Prep courses--many of which must be completed duing the Freshman Sophomore years

• Check with Mr. Warner in Guidance for a list of THS

NCAA Approved Core Courses

More Information


* For Academies & Univ. ROTC, take Univ. Prep courses & Computer classes

*Work especially hard in Math / Science

* Maintain physical fitness & give service

* Meet with recruiters when they visit THS

* Talk with adults or friends who’ve served

* Enroll in Air Force Jr ROTC to learn more

* Take the ASVAB test