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10th Grade – Be College and Career Ready (CCR)!

 Part 1 Utah Futures--Work Importance Locator

1.1 Click on Assessment tab at the top

  1. Click on “Work Importance Locator”      
  2. Place the Cards – Read Directions
  3. Complete the activity
  4. Get Results –

 Circle your two highest scoring “Work Values” from your results:



Working Conditions




1.2 Choose a Career:

        ☆   ☆   ☆   ☆

        Low wage, Low demand                                        High Wage, High Demand




 Part 2  Powerschool

Login to PowerSchool -- Using the pull down menu - review the following:

How many credits do you still need? __________

                                Update all items – Click submit button on the bottom of page



 Part 3 Complete/Update 4 year Plans in Powerschool

 Part 4 Utah Futures--Money for College

4.1 Click on College tab at the top

It takes money to go to college, but it is completely worth the investment. Most college graduates earn twice as much in their lifetime as high school graduates. There is a lot of financial aid available to students, including scholarships, grants, and loans. There are also many other ways to pay for education, including community or military service.

               4.2  Read the Scholarship FAQs

               4.3  Under question 4 it says “Scholarships are often awarded based on:”  List 2 or 3 types of scholarships that you might qualify for:


4.4 Federal Student AID

(Match the option to the definition)

A. Cost of School

B. Scholarships

C. Other Ways to Pay

D. Grants

E. Loans

F. Applying for Financial Aid

______Money awarded based only on your financial need that does not need

to be paid back.These are offered by the federal government,

state governments, and individual schools.

______Borrowed money that you have to pay back with interest.

______Money awarded for merit or athletics, etc.They are offered by schools

and organizations to students for their accomplishments in a variety of areas.

______Tuition and fees are what a school charges

you for your education.

______You will only have to complete one application

for federal student aid each year, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA). Most scholarships, on the other

hand, will each require a separate application.

______Savings, Community Service, Military Service, Tax Credits & Deductions or Work