Divestment from Assault Weapon Manufacturers

I support the call for Princeton University to divest from assault weapon manufacturers and would like my name to be included on the letter of support addressed to the Resources Committee of the CPUC (Council of Princeton University Community).

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    Text of the Statement of Support

    Princeton’s Divestment from Assault Weapon Manufacturers: Student Statement of Support Dear Members of the CPUC Resources Committee, Less than one month after a heavily-armed gunman took the lives of twenty children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary, 113 Princeton faculty members signed a petition calling on the University to renounce "current or future investments in companies involved in the manufacture and distribution of multiple, rapid-firing semi-automatic assault weapons, and the bullets that equip them," which are “weapons similar to those used by the Newtown shooter.” They signed that petition "as educators, anguished by the loss of humanity that the tragedy at Sandy Hook represents." And now, we voice our support for the petition as students, horrified by the devastating loss of life at an elementary school, a tragedy that sadly follows many other deadly attacks at our nation’s educational institutions in the past decades, including the massacres at Columbine High School and Virginia Tech, in which gunmen used assault weapons to maximize carnage. As you evaluate the request, we echo the call for divestment from assault weapon manufacturers, because of the University's ethical responsibility to distance itself from the most deadly of merchandise, because of the University's social responsibility (emphasized by its informal motto, “In the nation’s service...”) to consider the nation's welfare in its investment choices, and, most fundamentally, because of the University’s core commitment to the security of its students and its basic interest in ensuring that the classroom remains a safe space for learning and growth. With gratitude, The undersigned