Call to Action to Protect Undocumented Students at Princeton University
We stand in solidarity with our undocumented students on campus and in the United States; displaced migrants and their families; persecuted undocuqueer individuals; transgender undocumented individuals who are misgendered and attacked in immigration detention centers; migrant women who face sex-related violence and discrimination in the workplace and other areas of their lives; the countless lives lost along the U.S.-Mexico border and across bodies of water; refugees across continents who are fleeing violence back home and searching for a safer place; black and brown migrants whose bodies are targeted, surveilled and prone to detention because of the color of their skin; and the local undocumented Latinx community in Princeton that has been victim of gentrification, ICE raids, and neglect from their community members.

Princeton University prides itself for being “in the nation’s service and in the service of all humanity.” In light of the United States’ recent presidential election, it is more pressing than ever for the University to uphold this motto, especially for those whose freedoms, happiness, and lives are being threatened by the President-elect and his plans for the future. In a recent interview, Donald Trump talked about his plan to deport about 2-3 million undocumented immigrants. Those deportations mean broken families, broken opportunities, broken health, broken spirits, and the dehumanization of millions of people. We cannot be bystanders in the face of discrimination and hate when we pride ourselves as being “in the nation’s service and in the service of all humanity.” We call for action.

We call the Princeton Administration to:
-Proclaim Princeton University as a sanctuary campus for undocumented students and Princeton residents

-Proclaim the Princeton University Chapel as part of the network of sanctuary churches that provide a refuge for undocumented individuals facing deportation proceedings

-Stop misclassifying undocumented students as international students

-Remove/waive the international tax for undocumented students

-Hire someone in the Davis Center to serve undocumented students and students of undocumented or mixed status families

-Start a Dean’s Fund that does not require loans to cover the costs for undocumented students to reapply for DACA/DAPA/other

-Expedite the changes to the Princeton University Office of Admission website, as was consulted with Princeton DREAM Team in the past academic year

With advanced notice, we inform you that on Thursday, November 17th at 5:00 pm in front of Nassau Hall there will be a walk out in collaboration with over 70 campuses nationwide to declare our institution a sanctuary campus. We carry high hopes that you will join us in these efforts to protect our undocumented peers.

In solidarity with our hermanxs,
Alliance of Jewish Progressives
Asian American Students Association (AASA)
Latino Graduate Student Association (LGSA)
Muslim Advocates for Social Justice and Individual Dignity (MASJID)
Princeton College Democrats
Princeton Dream Team
Princeton Latinos y Amigos (PLA)
Princeton Progressive Magazine
Princeton University Latinx Perspectives Organization (PULPO)
Queer Graduate Caucus (QGC)
Students for Prison Education and Reform (SPEAR)

A Town Supporter
Aamir Zainulabadeen '18
Aarat Gocmen'17
Aaron Bornstein, postdoc, neuroscience
Aaron Gurayah '18
Aaron Schwartz'17
Aarthy Vaidyanathan, Graduate Student
Abbey Garcia
Abby Breitfeld, 2020
Abby Melick '17
Abigail Gellman, '17
Abigail Hack '20
Abigail Keyes '02
Abigail Novick-- Graduate Student
Abyssinia Lissanu'16*21
Adalberto Rosado '19
Adam Cellon'17
Adam Lerner, graduate student
Aditi Dhital '20
Aditya Trivedi
Adjoa Mante '17
Adlan Jackson '15
Adrian Young, graduate alumnus
Adrija Navarro '15
Agastya Parikh '17
Agatha Okobi '20
Agustina de la Fuente
Aida Behmard
Aida Piccato, '19
Aidan O'Donnell '20
Ailea Stites '12
Aisha Oxley '16
Aja Kennedy, Graduate Student '17
Akash Levy '18
Akiva Gordon, 2020
Akshay Mehra - Graduate Student
Alain St. Pierre, Staff
Alana Jaskir, '17
Albert Ho '18
Albert Pak - Graduate Student
Alberto Bruzos Moro
Alejandra Rincon '18
Alejandro Ochoa *13 (GS and current postdoc)
Aleka Gurel'16
Alessandra Brown -- Graduate Student
Alex Brockwehl, Graduate Student
Alex Daniels '17
Alex Kindel - GS
Alexander Aguayo '13
Alexander Berg
Alexander Byrnes, 2018
Alexander Riordan
Alexandra Aparicio '18
Alexandra Ballard'16
Alexandra Baptiste '13
Alexandra Houston, 2017
Alexandra Mairone '17
Alexandra Mayorga -- Graduate Student
Alexandra Palocz '19
Alexandria Herr'17
Alexandro Strauss '15
Alexis Morin
Aleza Lichterman
Alezandro Ruvalaba -- Nonaffiliated
Alfredo López, MPA'14
Ali Javadi-Abhari -- Graduate Student
Alia Wood '20
Alice Catanzaro '17
Alice Christensen, graduate student
Alice Frederick '17
Alice Kroutikova '15
Alice Mar-Abe '18
Alina Spiegel '15
Alisabeth Ayars, grad student, '20
Alison Campion '16
Alison Chang '17
Alison Fraser '03
Alison Herman '19
Alissa Lopez Serfozo
Alistair Glidden '16
Allan Doyle - Graduate Student
Allice Park, 2020
Allie Diamond '18
Allison Ckruk'15
Allison Conwell
Allison Fleming '18
Alonda Urbina'18
Alyssa Cai '20
Alyssa Finfer'19
Alyssa Shotwelly
Aman Kumar '10
Amanda Glatt '19
Amanda Klause- Graduate Student
Amanda Minkkinen
Amanda Weiss Faculty-PUP
Amandeep Saini '17
Amarra Daniels '19
Amber Moore
Amber Zuberi - Graduate Student
Ambika Viswanathan
Amelia Kenna
Amina Simon '18
Amy Garland '14
Amy Winter - Faculty
Amy Yao - Princeton Faculty
Ana Alvarez '12
Ana DeJesus
Ana Maria Lopez - Harvard College
Ana Montavo, '19,
Ana Patricia Esqueda'19
Ana Valeria Cuadra -- unaffiliated
Anaïs Peterson
Anastasia Korolkova Graduate Student
Anat Benzvi, Graduate Student
Anayvelyse Allen-Mossman -- Columbia University
Andi Zhou, Graduate Student
André Benhaïm, Faculty, French and Italian
Andrea Mazzariello '11
Andrea Melloni -- Faculty
Andrea Reino, 2020
Andrea Rodriguez '18 Rutgers University-Newark
Andrea Villamil, MPA 2015
Andreas Strasser -- Graduate Student
Andreia Fenley '15
Andres Castillo Quintana'18
Andrés Miller '20 - Columbia University
Andrew Hahm'17
Andrew James Hamilton, Society of Fellows
Andrew Nelson '16
Andrew Sondern '15
Andrew Tynes '17
Andrew Walker-Cornetta (graduate)
Andrew Wilk, Staff
Andy Zhang '19
Angel Padilla, MPA '13
Angela Herrera
Angiras Arya - Lecturer/Staff
Anid Laoui '18
Anika Raju '20- George Washington University
Anita Ramaswamy '19
Ankita Ghoshal, 2018, Student
Ann Merfeld
Anna Burns, '19 - Ohio State University
Anna Erkalova '18
Anna Gibson
Anna Marsh '20
Anna Nilles '14
Anna Toledano '11
Anna-Maria Meister -- Graduate Student
Annabelle Tseng '19
Annaliese Ionson '15
Annan Timon '19
Anne Bonnie Rogers '13
Anne Di Rosa
Anne Sprogell '13
Annette Trierweiler *16
Annie Bourneuf *11
Annie Chen, graduate student, University of Pennsylvania
Annie Hadley '18
Annie Khoa - Graduate Student
Annie Small '20
Annie Zou '20
Anonymous '20 Student
Anselmo Fuentes, 2016, Brown University
Anton Pluschke - Graduate Student
Anya Klepikov
Aparna Raghu '18
Apria Pinkett '20
April Peters
Arcadio Díaz-Quiñones, Professor Spanish, Emeritus
Aria Alexander '18
Ariana Mirzada '18
Ariana Myers -- Graduate Student
Arianna Brown
Arianna Regalado - Wellesley College '18
Arianne Quinn, Graduate Student
Arlene Gamio Cuervo '18
Arthur Wang '11
Arvind Ravikumar -- Ph.D ELE 2015
Asad Haider '19
Asanni York'17
Asavari Sinha '16
Ashley Linder, Graduate Student
Asia Kaiser, '21
Athena Kern
Audrey Chebet, 2018/Undergraduate Student
Audrey Jones '17
Aunna Wilson '12
Austin Hancock, Graduate Student
Austin O'Baker
Ava Rose Hoffman
Ava Torjani '18
Avaneesh Narla '17
Avanthi Cole'18
Avichai Bass '18
Avneesh Sarwate '14
Ayame Whitfield, '20
Aynsley Vandenbroucke faculty
Azahara Palomeque -GS
B.D. Edwards
Barbara Gruszka '20
Barbara Hendrick '12
Bart-Jan Polman
Beatriz Colomina (faculty)
Becca Keener '17
Ben Goldman '15
Ben Goodman, 17
Beni Snow
Benjamin Bernard-- Graduate Student, History
Benjamin Biffis
Benjamin Gallo'17
Benjamin Huang '20
Benjamin Laufer '19
Benjamin Liu '15
Benjamin Moll -- faculty
Benjamin Murphy - Graduate Student
Bennett McIntosh '16
Bernardette Arellano '02
Bernat Guillen Pegueroles, GS
Berta del Río -- GS
Bertilla Sieben'17
Beth meyers
Betsy Vasquez' 20
Bhaamati Borkhetaria '19
Bianca Dumitrascu
Bianca Guerrero, Columbia College '17
Blair Costelloe, Graduate alumnus ('14)
Bo-Won Keum
Bobbi Brashear '20
Bora Yoon, 2019, Graduate Student
Boris Fishman '01, Lecturer in Creative Writing
Boryana Hadzhiyska '17
Brahm Kleinman- Graduate Student
Brandon Davis '13
Brandon Holt '15
Brandon Hunter
Brandon Mintzer, 2020, Student
Brandon Shimoda
Brandon Ward'20
Brett Diehl'15
Brett Karlan - Graduate Student
Briallen Hopper *10
Briallen Hopper *2010
Brian Bell '15
Brian McSwiggen'18
Brian Zack '72
Briana Payton '17
Brianne Smith*15
Bridget Zakrzewski '17
Brigid Doherty - Faculty, German and Art & Archaeology
Brittany Castle, '19 - NYU
Brittany Henderson 2018
Brittany Ilardi '16
Brody Vogel - Luther Collee '17
Bruno Schaffa'19
Bryan Cockrell '08
Bryan Ramirez -18
Bud Gankhuyag
Cailin Hong, 2017, Student
Caitlin Charos
Caitlin Crandell - graduate student
Caitlin Karyadi, Graduate Student
Caitlin Ryan, graduate student
Caleb Negash '15
Caleb Visser '20
Calvin Rusley '20
Cameron Eck -- Tufts University
Cameron Scott '93
Camila Novo-Viano '18
Camila Zepeda, MPA '13
Candela Potente -- Graduate Student
Cara Brook G5
Cara M. Tucker '12
Cara Souto '17
Cara Zampino '17
Carey Camel '17
Carina De La Paz '13
Carinthia Bank '17
Carissa Tudor Block - Graduate Student
Carl Adair, GS '18
Carl Westphal, MPA *13
Carla Lopez Castaneda -- Graduate Student
Carmen Rosenberg-Miller, Graduate Student
Carol Agins
Carolina M. Fuentes '16
Carolina Malagon, Graduate Student
Caroline Castleman '20
Caroline Congdon '17
Caroline Glackin '17
Caroline Mann - Graduate Student
Caroline Milosevich '14
Carolyn Hoeschele / Staff
Carolyn Mazzei- staff
Carson Welch 2019
Casandra Monroe '18
Casey Hedstrom, Graduate Student
Casey Li '19
Cassie Crifase '17
Cassius Kim '17
Catalina Méndez Vallejo - Faculty
Catharine Diehl, PGA, 2012
Catherine Braza
Cecilia Hsu '20
Ced Moise '19
Celeste Alexander, Graduate Student
Celeste Alexander, Graduate Student/Staff
Chantal Berman, graduate student
Charity Young '20
Charles Baker '17
Charlie Hankin, GS
Charlotte Notaras '19
Charlotte Sall '16
Charlotte Whalen '05
Charlotte Williams '17
Chase Hommeyer '19
Chaya Crowder-- Graduate Student
Chelsea Mayo '14
Chelsea Naylor, University for Peace
Chelsea P. Espinosa '20
Cheryl Quah '12
Chi-Chi Azoba '18
Chitra Kumar'19
Chloe Brown -- Graduate Brown
Chlöe Dietrich '16 - Bowdoin College
Chloé Vettier - Graduate Student
Chris Barrett-Lennard - Graduate Student
Chris Cross
Chris Hsu '18
Chris Lee -- Faculty
Chris Parton -- Graduate Student
Chris Register -- Graduate Student
Christian Gray '17
Christiana Parreira '13
Christie Jiang '17
Christina Chica '15
Christina Huie '13
Christina Rice '17
Christine Blumauer - Graduate Student
Christine J. Lee '02
Christopher Calvete-Mondati '19
Christopher Crawford, Graduate Student
Christopher Douthitt '06, GS
Christopher K. Tokita - Graduate Student
Christopher Nguyen '18 - University of Hawaii at Manoa
Christopher Umanzor '19 - Student
Christopher Wilks '20
Christopher Zhang, 2018, student
Ciara Corbeil '17
Cierra Robson, '19
Cindy Liu '18
Claire Denton-Spalding
Claire Loht '15
Claire Nuchtern
Claire Zuo - Columbia University
Clarissa Gordon
Claudia Vargas'13 -- Columbia University
Claudia Yau, Graduate Student
Cole Diehl'19
Colin Bradley- Graduate Student
Colleen Campbell'G2
Colleen O'Gorman '17
Conner Johnson '19
Connie Zhu '19
Connor Gorman---CCAC
Conor Dube '15
Cory Alperstein, Class of 1978
Courtney Beesch -18'
Courtney Perales Reyes '17
Crystal Liu '19
Cydney Kim '17
Cyndy Vasquez
Daiane Tamanaha
Daisy Lopez'15
Dalma Foldesi '15
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Dan Ewert, Graduate Student
Dan Rounds
Dan Sturm '19
Dan-el Padilla Peralta, '06/Assistant Professor, Classics
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Daniel B. Wright -- Graduate Student Alumni, 2013
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Daniel Toker '13
Daniel V Polk *14
Daniela Coronado '19
Daniela Gandorfer (Graduate Student)
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Daniella Hernandez - California State University Long Beach
Danielle Coates '18
Danielle Howell '17
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Danny Navarrete'19
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Dara Strolovitch, Faculty member
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Dariana Unruch
Dave Molk '16
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David Minto -- postdoc
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David Sahar '17
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Dayton Martindale '15
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Debora Darabi '18
Dee Portman
Dela Kpo--Graduate Student
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Destiny Salter '20 Student
Devika Balachandran '14
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Diana Ortiz
Diana Shi '13
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Dina Daas '20 - Duke University
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Doyle Hodges, Graduate Student
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Duncan Hosie '16
Dylan Blau Edelstein, 2016, student
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Dylan Lewis -- MIT '20
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Elizabeth Bishop - Miami University '17
Elizabeth Durham -- Graduate Student
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Elizabeth Saldana -- Anthropology Graduate Student
Elizabeth Spencer '18
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Ellie Sell '17
Elliot Cole - Graduate Student
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Elmer Guardado-Sanchez -- Graduate Student
Elsa Voytas graduate student
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Emanuel Castañeda '16
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Emmelyn Butterfield-Rosen, PhD 2015
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Eos Chase'18
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Erik Maritz '17
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Erika Ward
Escarleth Fernandez- Sophomore at Hunter College
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Esther Choi - graduate student
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Fernanda Téllez
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Gabriela Vogeley '18
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Gabriella Ravida '15
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Gandalf Nicolas - Graduate student
Garima Singh, Yale 2020
Garrett O'Toole '18
Gavin Hall '18
Geneva Smith - Graduate Student
Genevieve Yue '01
Genna Gliner, Graduate Student
Geoff Cebula, Graduate alum
Georg Simmerl, Visiting Student
George Iskander, Yale College '20
George Laufenberg GS '15 (Faculty)
George Lin '19
German Labrador Mendez, faculty
Ghys Florent, graduate student
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Gitanjali Gnanadesikan '14
Gokulanand Iyer '18
Gozde Guran, Graduate Student
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Grace Rehaut'18
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Gracie Himmelstein - Graduate Student
Graduate Religious Life Council
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Gunnar Rice
Hadley O'Neill '16
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Hana Passen '12
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Hannah Cohen '11
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Hannah Kraus, '17
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Hannah Yang '17
Hannah Yohalem-Graduate student
Hansini Bhasker '19
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Helen Gao'17
Helen Lin '18
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Hollis Shaul- graduate student
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Houston Martinez '18
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Ian Campbell - Graduate Student
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Ines Franch '18
Ioannis Christos Karakozis 2019
Irene Small, Art & Archaeology
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Irma Qavolli'20
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Isaac Treves '18
Isabel Ballan--Graduate student
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Isabel James '19
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Isabella Litke -- graduate student
Isabella Nappa '18
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Ivana Castellanos '12
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Jack Lattimore '20 Yale
Jackelyn Rodriguez '19
Jackie Hedeman '11
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Jackson Santy
Jacob Comerci, '18, Graduate Student
Jacob Wachspress'20
Jacqueline Grimm, Graduate Student
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Jahnabi Barooah '11
Jaime Archundia '14
Jake Caddeau '20
Jake Schade'17
Jakob Schillinger (graduate student)
Jamal Johnson '16 *20
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Jameil Brown'16
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James Commodore '03
James Currah '19
James Henderson '87
James Mao - Graduate Student
James Oladipupo Williams
James Welling Visiting Faculty Visual Art
Jamie Ayón-Facundo '17
Jane Pritchard '15
Jane Sanchez Swain
Janel Anderberg Callon '87
Janel Pineda'18 -- Dickinson College
Janet G. Ferguson
Janet Kong-Chow, Graduate Student
Jared Belsky - Hamilton College
Jarred Felix '19
Jarrett Drake, Archivist
Jasmeene Burton '19
Jason Cai '17
Jason Qin '16
Jason Treuting, Faculty- Edward T Cone Performer in Residence
Jason Wee '20
Jasper Gebhardt '19
Javier Guerrero, Assistant Professor Spanish & Portuguese
Javier Masís, '13
Jaylin Lugardo'20
Jean Bellamy, '19
Jean Lee '19
Jean Marie Callan, MPA 13
Jeff Snyder
Jefferson Clayton '11
Jeffrey Gleason '18
Jenesis Fonseca-Ledezma '14
Jenna Shaw '20
Jennifer Au '17
Jennifer Dominique Jones, 2014
Jennifer Kim '14
Jennifer Shyue '17
Jennifer Soong, Graduate Student
Jennifer Tasch, proud mom of undergrad '20
Jennifer Wilson '14
Jenny Baek '19
Jenny Greene, Faculty
Jeongseok Lee, Graduate Student
Jeremy Borjon '10 *GS
Jeremy Burton, 2018
Jeremy Zullow
Jerome Jackson '11
Jess Lueders-Dumont - Graduate Student
Jessica Bailey '19
Jessica Brooks, 2013
Jessica Christy '13
Jessica Colangelo - Graduate
Jessica Improta '99
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Jessica Kariisa '16
Jessica Kirkland Caldwell 2003
Jessica Lu '17
Jessica Mack - Graduate Student
Jessica Massa
Jessica Mingus '02
Jessica Myers '13
Jessica Ngan
Jessica Reed'18
Jessica Sarriot, Graduate Student, MPA1
Jessica Schwab - Graduate Student
Jessica Wright '19
Jesus G. Estrada, Graduate Student
Ji-Sung Kim, '18
Jianing Zhao '20
Jiehae Park/fellow
Jillian Silbert '18
Jim Wu, Graduate Student
Jisu Jeong '20
Jiwon You '20
JJ Kim
Jo Vickery - Graduate Student
Joana Li '17
Joanna Zhang '19
Joe Glynias -- Graduate Student
Joel Martinez-- Graduate Student
Joel Rozen -- Graduate Student
Joel Suarez (Graduate Student)
Johan Andreas Trovik -- Graduate Student
Johan Pansu, Postdoc
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Johanna Sarriot
John English '19
John Morone '17
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John Urbanik '13
Jon Catlin -- Graduate Student
Jona Mojados '20
Jonathan Choi, '15
Jonathan Haynes '20
Jonathan Loeb '93
Jonathan Lu '18
Jonathan Yu '18
Jordan S. West, Senior Diversity and Inclusion Training Specialist (Staff)
Jordan White
Jorge Gaupp Berghausen, Graduate Student
Jorge Pereira '20
José Manuel Mazariegos Perez
José María Rodríguez - Valadez, Graduate Student
Joseph Barrett '14
Joseph Collins '16
Joseph Wood '18
Josh Moskovits '17
Josh Murdock (Butler University Pharm.D. '20)
Josh Umansky-Castro '17
Joshua Dubler '08
Joshua Guild - Faculty
Joshua Leifer
Joshua R. Quillen
Joshua Sanchez, 2016/Staff/Fellow
Josue Chirinos 2020
Juan Carlos Campero -- Graduate Alumni
Juan Jose Gonzalez, '06
Juan O. Rodriguez, Oberlin College '17
Juan Sebastian Sepulveda '18
Judith Weisenfeld, Faculty
Julia Casazza '19
Julia Grummitt -- Graduate Student, History
Julia Keimach '12
Julia Peiperl '17
Julia Perlmutter '17
Julia Reed
Julia Schorn '17
Julia Song '18
Julian Harake, GS 2016
Juliana López '17
Julianna Wright'17
Juliansito Perez'17
Julie List '78
Julie Monge '16 SMU
Juliet Garrett '15
Juliet McGowen '20
Juliet Wolf / 2019 / Grad student
Juliette Mann
Julio Castillo '17
Julio Herrera Estrada -- Graduate Student
Justin Vogel
Justinas Mickus '18
Justine Atkins, Graduate Student
Kabbas Azhar '18
Kadence Mitchell
Kadi Hughes '03
Kahdeem Cohens '17
Kai Okada '16
Kaitlin Demarest '18
Kalyani Monteiro Jayasankar
Kamal Kariem --Anthropology Graduate Student
Karen Gallagher-Teske '18
Karen Krieb 12
Karenna Martin '15
Karina Aguilar Guerrero '20
Karina Lopez'17 -- UC Berkeley
Kasey Ulery
Kasia Kalinowska '19
Kat Kulke '17
Kate Andre '20
Kate Huddleston '11
Kate Leung '20
Kate Reed
Kate Yeh Chiu - Graduate Student
Katherine Bussard
Katherine Buzard '14
Katherine Denner '18
Katherine Elgin '13 GS
Katherine Fleming '19
Katherine Frain '18
Katherine Ingram - Graduate Student
Katherine King, Graduate Student
Katherine Powell
Katherine Smith '15
Katherine Stiegemeyer '18 - Tufts University
Kathleen Jones '14
Kathleen Ma'18
Kathryn Frorer '18
Kathryn Meyer
Kathryn Phipps '19
Kati Henderson
Katie Aragon'15 -- Yale University
Katie Duggan '19
Katie Garcia -Texas A&M University Class of 2018
Katja Lindskog
Katrina Rogachevsky, '07
Kauribel Javier'19
Kavinayan Sivakumar 2018
Kaz Uyehara, Graduate Student
Kei Yamaya, 2017
Kelly Bolding, Staff
Kelly Hatfield '17
Kelly McCabe'18
Kelly Roache '12 *15
Kelly Shimoda
Ken Sofer, MPA '17
Kendall Reitz
Kessie Alexandre
Ketsy Resendez'18 -- University of Pennsylvania
Keunho Kim
Kevin Hayne, 18
Kevin Tang '16
Keyanna Blass '17 NAU
Khalil Bryant, 2018, student
Kian Mintz-Woo -- Visiting Graduate Student
Kieran Underwood '20
Kierra Laube'20
Kimia Shahi- 3rd year graduate student
Kinnari Shah
Kirit Limperis '19
Kjell Ericson, graduate alumnus
Koushiki Bose -- Graduate Student
Kristal Martinez'19 - Pace University
Kristen Cline
Kristen Windmuller-Luna, Grad '16
Kristene Tadese
Kristin Poor, Graduate Student
Kristina Phillpotts-Brown '17
Kyle Berlin '18
Kyle Jerro (The University of Texas at Austin), Former Princeton Staff Member
Kyle Landrum - Graduate Student
Kyonne Isaac, GS 3
Kyra Gregory '19
Lacey-Ann Wisdom
Lafayette Matthews'17
Lance Lattig '87
Lara Norgaard '17
Lara Schilling, Bard Graduate Center alum '16
Laraib Ilyas '18
Laura Casaregola, Scripps College '17
Laura Hamm '12
Laura Ong, '17
Laura Salazar Altobelli, Graduate Student
Laura Williamson
Laurel Easterling
Lauren Auyeung '19
Lauren Berger '17
Lauren Konken, Graduate Student
Lauren Mattioli, Graduate Student
Lauren Prastien '13
Lauren Rennie Jones - Graduate Student
Lauren Wodarski '17
Lawrence Albert '20
Lawrence Liu '16
Layla Malamut '18
Layla Varkey'19
Leah Geer, CSU-Sacramento
Leana Hirschfeld-Kroen '13
Leanna Nguyen '20
Lee Colón, Graduate Student
Lee Vanderlinden '13
Leezet Marisol Matos'18
Leila Howard '14
Lencer Ogutu '20
Lenka Ilcisin '12
Lev Nikulin
Leyatt Betre -- Graduate Student
Liana Wait (Graduate Student)
Lillian Chen '20
Lillian Li '13
Lily Lesser ’17
Lily Round 2020
Lindsey Eikenburg- Graduate Student
Lindsey Mantoan '03
Lindsey May, M.Arch '14
Liora O'Donnell Goldensher, graduate student
Lisa Belsky '84
Lisa Cerami GS '10
Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee, Graduate Student
Liyan Zhao '13
Liz Hochberg, Graduate Student
Lizabel Monica Villares Plasencia
Lois Dzebissov, 2019
Lou Chen '19
Louisa Willis '17
Lu Perez - Connecticut College '17
Lucas Culler - Junior Faculty
Lucas Ramos '19
Lucia Rafanelli, Graduate Student
Luciana Chamorro Elizondo. '12
Lucie Wright '14
Lucinda Pastora'18
Lucy Lin '18
Lucy Tang, 2017
Luis Carchi '19
Luis Gonçalves - Spanish and Portuguese
Luis Legro, '18
Luis Moreno-Caballud, alumnus
Luis Ramirez Texas A&M University '18
Luisa Banchoff '17
Luke Hamel, Princeton University School of Architecture 2016
Luke Pfleger '17
Lulu Chen '17
Lydia Watt'18
Lynne Sachs - faculty
Lynse Cooper '16
M. V. Ramana
MacLean Collins '18
Madalyn Damato, 2020
Maddie Clayton '17
Madeleine Dietrich
Madeleine Gilson '19
Madeleine Parker, Graduate Student
Madeleine Pauchet '18
Madeline Blackburn- Univ. of Rochester
Madhu Ramankutty '15
Maggie Menold, WWS Graduate Student
Maggie Pecsok '18
Mahishan Gnanaseharan '20
Maia Hamin '20
Mairead Horton '17
Majida Halaweh '19
Makisa Bronson '20 - Dartmouth College
Malavika Rajeev/graduate student/
Malcolm Steinberg '17
Maleah Wenzel '20
Mali Skotheim '16, graduate student
Mallika Randeria - Graduate Student
Manisha Sivaiah '18
Manny Ramirez'20
Marah Sakkal '20
Marcelo Norsworthy, GS
Marcia Schenck -graduate student
Margaret Kurkoski, graduate student
Margaret Lyford *16
Margaret Wright '17
Margarita Rosario G'2
Margit Sage '03
Margot Yale '17
Mari Jarris, Graduate Student
Maria Astorga (Staff)
Maria Camila Rojas '19
Maria Evans, Spouse of Graduate Student
María Garavito'17
María José Dobles Madrigal '12
María Jose Solórzano'20
Maria Lupis Perales '12
Maria Nelson *14
María Perales Sánchez '18
Mariah Wilson
Mariam Ibrahim '17
Marian Messing '11 *17
Maribel Nava'20
Marie Sanazaro -- Graduate Student
Marie Siliciano '17
Mariella Castaldi, Graduate Student
Marieugenia Cardenas '11
Marina Nogueira '16
Marisa Remez'16
Marisa Salazar '17
Marisela Neff '20
Marissa Applegate '16
Marissa J. Smith *15
Maritza Hernandez 16'
Mark Harris - Graduate Student
Mark Letteney GS
Mark Nelson
Mark Smith '20
Mark-Avery Tamakloe, '18
Marlis Hinckley '16
Marlyn Bruno'17
Marni Morse'17
Martha Ferguson '11
Martina Fouquet '16
Martina Lessio - Graduate Student
Martina Liu, University of Pennsylvania '20
Marvin Moore '17
Maryam Bahrani
Mason Herson-Hord '15
Masoomali Fatehkia '18
Mateo Wirth '15
Mathini Vaikunthan '19
Matt Chang '19
Matt Hetrick '20
Matt Silverman '20
Matt Volpe '16
Matthew Allen '18
Matthew Choi Taitano '18
Matthew Hutchinson - Graduate Student
Matthew Maeder '19
Matthew Mullane - Graduate Student
Matthew Oakland '20
Matthew Reid
Matthew Shen Goodman, Graduate Student
Matthew Yeh '20
Maureen Chun
Max Grear'18
Max Long -- Graduate Student
Max Proietti
Max Weiss -- Faculty
Maximo De La Cruz'20
Maxwell Fritz '10
Maya Aronoff'19
Maya Reid '12
Maya Rosen '17
Maya Wahrman, Office of Religious Life Staff
Mayank Misra -- Graduate Student
Meagan Wilson - Graduate Student
Megan Chung '19
Megan Eardley -- Graduate Student
Megan Karande '13
Megan Lui '14
Megan McSherry
Megan Steffen *16
Melanie Case
Melanie Ho '18
Melany Ruiz, GS
Melissa De Queredo'19
Melissa Frost '16 -- Graduate student
Melody Edwards '15
Menelik Graham '20
Mercedes Valmisa/Graduate Student
Mia Newman -- Graduate Student
Micaela Keller '20
Micah Fletcher, Graduate Student
Micah Herskind'19
Michael Anderson'17
Michael Faciejew, Graduate Student
Michael Glass, PhD Student
Michael Gusev
Michael Hammond '09
Michael Hill-Oliva '20
Michael Jimenez '12
Michael Mulshine '16
Michael Pomirchy
Michael Whelpley, '02
Michaela Friedberg--Graduate Student
Michele Zhou, 2018
Michelle Nedashkovskaya GS 20*
Michelle Yeh '19
Miguel Angel Centeno
Miguel Caballero Graduate Student
Mika Godbole
Mikey McGovern - Graduate Student
Milena Jeffers - Brandeis University '20
Mim Ra Aslaoui '18
Mimi Orro'18
Miranda Alperstein '17
Miranda Bolef '18
Miranda Christ '19
Miranda Marraccini, PhD Student
Mohamed El-Dirany'18
Mohamed Shalan '17
Mohit Manohar '13
Molly Stoneman '16
Monica Garcia'18
Monica Huerta -- Link-Cotsen Postdoctoral Fellow, Society of Fellows
Monica Magalhaes '17
Monica Youn - lecturer
Mrudhula Baskaran
Muoyo Okome, '05
My Bui'18
Myesha Jemison '18
Nabai Habtemariam '18
Nabiha Nuruzzaman 2013
Nabil Shaikh '17
Nada Ali '14
Nandita Rao '17
Nankee Kumar '20
Naomi Fesseha
Naomi Lake '17
Naomi Murakawa - Faculty
Narayan Subramanian -- Graduate Student
Nareman Amin
Natalia Chen
Natalia Córdova
Natalie Diaz '19
Natalie Dupecher -- Graduate Student
Natalie Grant-Villegas '15
Natalie McGowen '20
Natasha Madorsky '17
Natasha Thomas '20
Nathan Ashe -- Graduate Student
Nathan F Parker, Graduate Student
Nathan Stobaugh - graduate student
Nathan Tyrell '14
Nathaniel Brown, Graduate Student
Nathaniel Lambert
Nathaniel Wolfson, Princeton, G6, 2017
Nava Friedman 2013
Neal Donnelly '14
Neeraj Bajpayee '17
Neil Brenner
Nicholas Callegari, '16
Nicholas Collins, MPA '17
Nicholas Ellis '14
Nicholas Horvath/'17
Nicholas Wu'18
Nick Risteen - Graduate Student
Nick Tippenhauer'16
Nicky Steidel'18
Nicola Babarcich '14
Nicole Berger, Graduate Student
Nicole Legnani -- Faculty-Assistant Professor of Colonial Latin American Studies (SPO)
Nicole Quah '12
Nicole Schiavone '15
Nicolette D'Angelo '19
Nijah Cunningham - Faculty
Nina Chausow '17
Nina Kravetz, 2019, Tufts University
Nina Osipova, 2020/Student
Nina Wade '17
Nitasha Siddique'18
Nivedha Ram
Nivedita Singh 201:
Noah Fishman '16
Noemi Vergopolan, Graduate Student
Nora McLaughlin '17
Nora Schultz'19
Norma Angelica Freeland '11
Norman Xiong '20
Nova Garcia, 2020, student, Woodbury university
Nusrat Ahmed '17
Nyha Arora -- MPA'17
Nyle Fort
Oliver Browne -- Graduate Student
Olivia Adechi '16
Olivia Nouriani -- unaffiliated
Olivia Zhang, 2020
Onur Gunay / Graduate Stıdent
Orlando Reade, Graduate Student
Oscar Guardado
Ozichi Okorom
Pablo Vasquez
Pallavi Mishra '15
Paloma Moscardó Vallés
Paloma Sanchez-Jauregui - Former laboratory technician at PNI
Pam Lins
Pamela McGowen '20
Patricia Hernandez 18'
Patricia Hoyos '18
Patrick Flanigan '18
Patrick Luiz Sullivan De Oliveira, GS6
Patrick Miller, Graduate Student
Patrick Signoret, Graduate Student
Paul A. Bloom -- Columbia University
Paul Frymer, faculty
Paul Yang '17
Paula Pérez-Rodríguez, Graduate Student
Paulani Cortez-Villas
Pavitee Peumsang, UT Austin
Pavithra Vijayakumar, 2015
Pedro Meira Monteiro- Professor and Chair of Spanish and Portuguese
Pepper Binkley 2001
Peter Brooks
Peter Comerford '15
Peter Deffebach '17
Peter Gatto '18
Peter Johnson - Staff
Peter Kuras PhD '14
Peter Schmidt'20
PhD 2008
Phil Dershwitz,'14
Phil Taylor, Graduate Student
Phoebe Ozuah'20
Phoebe Rogers '19
Polly Hochman, '20
Pragya Malik '19
Preston Evers '10 student
Prihatha Narasimmaraj '14
Princeton Associate Professor 2002-2008
Princeton University
Priscella Chan '14
Priscilla Blum, Cornell 2019
Progressive Christians at Princeton
Quentin Becheau '17
Quinn Albaugh - Graduate Student
Quinn Collins - Graduate Student
Rabia khan '18
Rachael McLellan
Rachael Roth
Rachel Buckle '13
Rachel Coe-Scharff '19
Rachel Cristy -- Graduate Student
Rachel Gonzales '19
Rachel Herrera '17
Rachel Kim '20
Rachel Macaulay '19
Rachel Malia Newkirk, '19 Student
Rachel Myers '15
Rachel Price/ Faculty
Rachel Pyfrom '19
Rachel Stone '17
Rachel Wolfe
Rachel Yee '19
Rafael Tafur'20
Rafi Lehmann '20
Rafi Segal PhD 11'
Raheem Barnett '18
Rajeev Erramilli '18
Rami Farran '19
Ramie Fathy '16
Rayvin Decker -- unaffiliated
Rebeca King -- Rice University
Rebecca Bedell '17
Rebecca Farbstein '04
Rebecca Lowy '16
Rebecca M. Rosen, Graduate Student
Rebecca Munson, Staff
Rebecca Newmark '14
Rebecca Sichel '17
Rebecca Yuste-Golob, '19
Rebekah Ninan '19
Reilly Bova '20
Rellie Luo '17
Reuben Keller '18
Reva Abrol'18
Rhiannon Pare- Graduate
Ricardo C. de los Reyes '17
Ricardo Mayo'14
Richard C. Agins
Richard H. Gadsden ’13
Richard Hildreth '13
Richard Hutchins
Richard Peng '20
Richard Youngblood '13
Ricki Heicklen '19
Rimsha Malik
Rita Clark '18, Grinnell College
RL Goldberg -- Graduate Student
Roan Gideon '18
Robert Barton, Graduate Student
Robert Decker - Graduate Student
Robert Kaplowitz, Faculty
Robia Amjad, '18
Robin Dembroff, Graduate Student
Robin Gomila, Graduate Student
Rod Eric Joseph '20
Romario Castro
Ron Sadan, Graduate Student - German
Ronald Gomez -- unaffiliated
Ronan O'Brien '16
Rosa Vidarte -- Graduate Student, WWS'14
Rosalee Gonzalez, PhD Faculty ASU
Rosed Serrano '18
Ross Donovan, '16
Ruha Benjamin, faculty
Ruthie Birger, GS 2016
Ryan Baldwin'18
Ryan Chavez'19
Ryan Gedrich '16
Ryan Hileman '19
Ryan McCoy
Ryan Stolier
Ryan Taylor Goodman -- Graduate Student
Ryohei Ozaki '14
S. T. Coulton '15
Saad Malik, Class of 20
Sabreena Abedin UVA '18
Sabrina Carletti. Graduate student
Sabrina Gunter'18
Sadie Van Vranken '19
Safa Syed '17
Sage Palmedo '19
Sally Lee, 2019, Student
Sam Bernstein '19
Samantha Floyd - 1st year grad student
Samantha Gebb '14
Samantha Hilty'18
Samantha Newman '18
Samantha Walter '17
Samantha Zalewska '19
Samhita Karnati '18
Samir Rajain
Samone Blair
Samuel Lapkin, 2019
Samuel Socolar, Graduate Student
Samuel Vilchez Santiago'19
Samvida Venkatesh '20
Sandra Mukasa '12
Santiago Aguirre 2018
Santiago Rosales'18 -- UT Austin
Sara Brooks, *08
Sara O'Mara -- Staff
Sarah Cho'18
Sarah Cuneo '15
Sarah Jemison
Sarah Jennings '03
Sarah Lurie -- nonaffiliated
Sarah Lynch - Graduate Student
Sarah Marmor '87
Sarah McGuire '18
Sarah Paton '13
Sarah Pourciau, '98/'07
Sarah Prieto
Sarah Reeves '18
Sarah Sakha'18
Sarah Sanneh'19
Sarah Town - Graduate Student
Sarah Vitali, '11
Sarah Xiyi Chen
Sarah Zarrin
Sarah-Jane Koulen
Saúl Hernández Vargas, UCSD
Schlomo Shekelberg
Sean Conrad, '13
Sean Drohan '14
Sean Luna McAdams-- Graduate Student
Sean Sarra '16
Sean Toland-- Graduate Student
Sebastian Witherspoon '19
Sebastien Philippe -- Graduate Student
Sebi Devlin-Foltz - Graduate Student
Seleeke Flingai - Graduate Student
Sena Cebeci '19
Seth Lovelace '20
Seyitcan Ucin'20
Shani Williams'19
Sharim Estevez '16
Sharon Musa '20
Sharon Tan, 2015
Sharon Xu - Graduate Student
Shawn Du, '14
Shawn Jaeger, Princeton Arts Fellow
Shay O'Brien, Graduate Student
Shayla Reid '15
Shea Copeland '19
Shona Black
Shristi Adhikari
Shruthi Rajasekar '18
Shuk Ying Chan
Shuying Cheng '19
Simon esparza, Ucf'19
Simon Noriega-Olmos PhD 2008
Simone Sasse '14
Sneha Iyer '20
Snow Zhang-- Graduate Student
Sofi Inglessis
Sofia Bisogno '20
Sofie Backstrom
Sofie Kim '20
Solmaz Jumakuliyeva '19
Somi Jun
Sonja Boos, '08
Soon Il Higashino '20
Sophia Feist, '18
Sophia Nuñez - Graduate Student
Sophia Wix, USC'18
Sophie Parker-Rees '17
Sophie Steinman-Gordon '20
Soraya Morales Nuñez'18
Soumya Sudhakar '18
Soyeong Park, '20
Sria Chatterjee/Graduate student
Stacey Huang '16
Stacey Menjivar
Stacey Park '17
Stefan Amokwandoh '19
Stefania Andriani Strouza, Fellow
Stephanie Goldstein, Barnard College/2015
Stephanie Kim, '15
Stephanie Lee '11
Stephanie Tung -- Graduate Student
Stephanie Ward
Stephen Wood '15
Steven S. Lyubomirsky '16
Stevie Bergman, GS 3
Stevie Yang '18
Su Friedrich--faculty--Vis Arts Program
Sumin Lee '09
Sunny Siddique '17
Suraj Kushwaha'20
Susana Draper
Susana Ramirez -- nonaffiliated
Susanne Schwarz, Graduate Student
Suzanne Agins '97, Faculty
Swetha Balachandran -- Graduate Student
Sydney Montgomery '15
Sylvia Zetterstrand - Associate Director of the Spanish Language Program
Sylvia Zetterstrand - Spanish Language Program
Sylvie Thode
Syra Ortiz-Blanes
T Lucas Makinen, undergraduate student, Princeton Class of 2020
Tahjia Brantley'20
Tajin Rogefs
Talia Young (postdoctoral fellow)
Talya Nevins
Tamar Novetsky '17
Tamar Zinguer *06
Tania Mathurin, graduate student
Tanvi Solanki - Graduate Alum
Tarik Tosun '12
Tarryn Chun '06
Tatiana Evans'18
Taylor Branch, '19
Taylor Kulp-McDowall'10
Taylor Lauren Frazier '14
Taylor Meer '20
Taylor Mills'20
Taylor Myers
Téa Wimer '19
Ted Enamorado -- Graduate Student
Teguru Tembo '13
Teresa Davis, Graduate Student
Teresa Irigoyen-López
Teri Tillman'16
Terrence Fraser '16
Tess Bissell '17
Tess Jacobson '19
Tessa Maurer
Tessa Paneth-Pollak, Graduate School, '16
Theo Dimitrasopoulos '17
Thomas Abend 10
Thomas Barrett, graduate student
Thomas Davies, GS
Thomas Greenspan '15
Thomas Pumir -- Graduate Student
Thomas Ray Garcia '16
Tia Blassingame '93
Tianay Zeigler '18
Tiantian Zha '13
Tianyi Wang, '19
Tiffany Cho '17
Tigist Menkir, '18
Timothy Chen
Timothy Trieu '14
Tina Fehlandt
Tirthna Badhiwala - UNC-Chapel Hill, 2017
Tlaloc Estopier Ayala 19'
Tomi Lawal '20
Tony Phan '18
Tristan Schrader '18
Trust Kupupika
Tyler Bozeman '18
Tyler Hoffman, '17
Tyler Lawrence '16
Tylor-Maria Johnson '19
Ulrich Meurer - University of Vienna
Uri Schwartz '20
Vajdon Sohaili-- Graduate Student
Valeria Ibarcena '17
Valerie Wilson
Van Truong '17 University of Florida
Vanessa Fernandez'20
Vanessa Gomez '05
Vanessa Smith '17
Vayne Ong '20
Veronica Carrasco '20
Victor Riveros, 2020
Victoria Bugge Øye Graduate Student
Victoria Lee '16
Victoria Navarro
Victoria Taylor Earls '03
Victoria Tobolsky '12
Vidur Beharry '19, Student
Vikram Pothuri '17
Violet Sharpless
Virginia Poggio -- MPA'14
Vishan Nigam '18
Vivek Nemana, PhD student
Vivian Chang *17
Vivian Ramirez'17
Vivian Zhang, Scripps College '17
Vivianna Cavira
Vivianne Castillo
Vivienne Chen '14
Vladimir Medenica GS
Wally Gunn, Graduate Student
Wendy Belcher-Faculty
Whitney Huang '19
Wilglory Tanjong '18
Will Jankowski '16
Will Lathrop
Will Rivitz'18
William Grear '20
William Hinthorn, '18
William Pugh '20
William Simon '19
Winny Myat '18
Wonha Kim '04
Xavier Maciel'18 -- Pomona College
Xiaoheng Xu '14
Xin Yang Yak '14
Yanie Fecu, Graduate Student
Yann Koby -- Graduate Student
Yasmin Afsar - graduate student
Yazmin Erazo
Yeon Soon Shin, Graduate Student
Ying Sze Pek - Graduate Student
Yiwei Luo '17
Yoon Won Song '11
Yos Gramajo'16
Yousra Zerouali '20
Yuanyuan Zhao
Yulissa Cantero '20
Yun-Yun Li '17
Yuzki Oey '19
Yvonne Wingard, Brown University '20
Zach Feig '18
Zach Levine '17
Zach Stecker '17
Zachariah DeGiulio '18
Zachary Flick '17 - Columbia University
Zahid Chaudhary
Zartosht Ahlers
Zena Kesselman '17
Zoe Masters '13
Zoya Shoaib'20
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