Feedback Form for the 2017 Princeton University Science Olympiad Invitational
Your feedback is extremely important to us! Thank you for taking the time to fill this out.
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If event supervisor/volunteer, select N/A. This question gives us context for interpreting your feedback, and has no bearing on your school's future participation in the tournament, nor the results from this year's tournament.
How smooth was check-in?
Couldn't have been worse
Went very smoothly
How was the shirt design?
Hated it
Loved it
Was the awards ceremony too long or short?
Way too short
Way too long
We chose to make the event blocks one hour long each, with an additional 10 minutes in between sessions, even though only 50 minutes of each session were to be used competing. Did you like this extra buffer?
We had a number of options for our tournament date. If our tournament had been a different date, would you have attended? Check all dates for which you would have attended this year.
We were unable to offer trial events this year due to lack of space and volunteers. Are there any trial events you wish had happened (or non-Science Olympiad activities?)
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As a whole, I thought the tournament was well run:
Compared to other tournaments on average, how did our's compare?
Much worse
Much better run
(Supervisors only) I had the materials I needed to run my event.
None of the things I needed were there
I had everything I needed
(Supervisors only) List any feedback on the test revision process
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(Volunteers/Supervisors only) Rate the quality of lunch
(Volunteers only) What time shifts did you volunteer for?
(Volunteers only) The instructions and/or answer keys I was given by the event supervisor were clear.
I had no clue what I needed to do
I knew exactly what I needed to do
(Volunteers only) I felt I was useful.
Not useful
Very useful
Describe your favorite part of the day
Could be a competition event, a conversation you had, something cool that you saw, etc.
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Describe your least favorite part of the day (if any)
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Free-Style: If you have any open-ended comments on the tournament, here is the place to list them all.
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