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What to wear
Rolfing sessions will take place in your underwear on a treatment table and in movement. Please wear underwear that is not restrictive to breathing and that you feel comfortable moving in.

Each session will involve a body reading where we track changes that may be occurring in the body. Body reading will involve standing, sitting and often walking.

Cancellations and postponements
Missed appointments will be charged at full rate if less than 48 hours notice is given.

Please phone or text as soon as possible if you are unable to keep your appointment — if I can fill the time-slot there will be no charge.

By the same token, if I make a scheduling mistake, or cancel under the 48 hour policy, your next session would be free.

Rolfing Session cost £70 payable by BACS or by cash.
Rolfing Structural Integration is a process that takes place over a number of sessions with the purpose of creating greater body awareness and improved capacity for free movement through a process of direct manipulation, movement and perceptual education.

A Certified Rolfer™ does not treat, prescribe or diagnose illness, disease, any physical or other related ailment of the person seeking Rolfing SI. Nothing said or done by the below named Rolfer should be understood as counter to this statement.

I give Nico Thoemmes my permission and consent to work with me in such a way as to restore and establish balance and ease in my physical body through the process of Rolfing Structural Integration. I further understand that I may at any time revoke such permission and consent, and can choose to discontinue the session and series of Rolfing.

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