Mindfulness and Dialogue Workshop/Inquiry Group
Because space is limited to 12 people, and because we need the greatest possible diversity of perspectives in the group, we invite you to apply to participate by filling out this questionnaire. This will give us some information about you and your perspectives on the issue. You will be contacted by the initiating researcher, Jen Mason.

This information is being collected by Jen Mason. Your name is on the form so that I may contact you about the next steps in the inquiry process. The information you provide will not be connected to your name.

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If selected to participate, I am available to attend all 8 sessions which will take place on Thursday evenings from 6:30-9:00 pm beginning September 7th and running through October 26th (barring illness or emergency).
The sessions will be audio recorded but the recordings will not be shared with anyone. This is an important part of the data collection process for this project. Unfortunately, no accommodation can be made for those who do not want to be audio recorded other than to decline to participate in the study. I agree to participate knowing that the sessions will be audio recorded.
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How would you classify yourself?
Where do you currently reside? (town, city name)
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How long have you lived there?
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What is the highest level of education that you have completed?
What is your employment status?
If you are working, what type of work do you do?
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Do you have experience with Bohmian dialogue? (not required)
How would you describe your political views?
How important is renewable energy to Canada's future?
The Keystone XL oil pipeline is
Planetary weather changes are largely the result of human activities:
Working to address climate change is
How do you feel about the Bloor Street bike lanes?
Terrible idea: Commuters pay the price sitting in traffic
Great idea: It's important to support green transportation
Please add a comment explaining your response about the bike lanes here.
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How do you feel about Mayor John Tory's proposal to toll the Gardiner and the Don Valley Parkway and to use the proceeds for public transit?
Terrible idea
Great idea
Please add a comment explaining your views about the tolls here.
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