Streaming Best Practices Masterclass
12h30 - 14h30
Square - Brussels


This masterclass is presented by Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques in collaboration with Listen! Festival.
Presentation by Jarri Van der Haegen (Disco Naïveté). Presentation will be given in English.

"Music industry’s biggest enemy or its savior - many things have been said about streaming in the past couple of years but anno 2017 there’s no way around it. What is music streaming, how relevant is it in Belgium, how do you set it up and optimize revenues, best practices and what-not - all to be discussed (and debated!) in this Masterclass."

This masterclass is built for Belgian electronic and Hip-Hop labels with an international scope or development project, but also targeted towards self-managed artists in charge of their own catalogues. Pop & Rock labels and artists are also welcome.

Programmed contents:

• Streaming: the basics.
• Streaming: music industry’s worst enemy... or its best friend?
• Distribution (AWAL, Believe, TuneCore, CDBaby): differences, fixed fee or %, how to, etc.
• Figures on streaming: subscribers, artist campaigns, money, comparison to downloads, etc.
• Streaming services as a strategic partner: mail-outs, content,
• Data derived from streaming services & how to use it (via Spotify Fan Insights)
• Artist playlists: how & why?
• Profile verification
• Playlist pitching & pluggers
• Optimize income from non-paid services (‘promotional’ streaming)
• Blogs and their impact on streams/playlists (Fresh Finds, Weekly Buzz, etc)
• Statements
• New trends: Spotify edits, can streaming break an artist, label signings following data, different release plans (singles instead of albums, multiple EP’s instead of albums), impact on charts, longevity of tracks, etc.

Questions / contact:
Julien Fournier
Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques

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