The Writer's Guild: Application 2016


The Split This Rock Youth Writer’s Guild is a collective of 6-8 youth writers at different levels of expertise who will focus on writing as a craft. Through weekly intensive workshops developed from university style writing courses, the Guild students will focus on the goal of writing, revising, and understanding how to create a body of work and establish their unique voices. This program is for the student who is dedicated to writing and eager to crafting a book of their own work.
The program demands that students work collaboratively with their peers in conjunction with mentors, coaches, and other organizations, as a means of teaching how to build and uphold a community, while making social change a vital part of the process.

The schedule runs roughly from November to January, no fee for participation. The Writer's Guild will have an opportunity s to travel regionally to share their work at conferences, workshops, and events with most travel and lodging paid for by Split This Rock. Each student will create a chapbook of work of about 10-15 poems or participate in a group anthology.

Members of the Writer's Guild will create an environment of mutual trust, respect, and support. Anybody unable or unwilling to maintain this safe environment will be removed from the Writer's Guild. Students also commit to weekly workshops every Monday and to the culminating project of a chapbook or anthology. All students are required to participate in workshops and come to meetings on time and prepared. All members are expected to write new poems on their own time and bring to meetings to share and revise.

Communication is crucial. All members are expected to communicate regularly with coaches, especially about any problems or scheduling conflicts that may arise. Deceit and lack of communication will not be tolerated. Students must behave with maturity and professionalism, so open and honest communication is a high priority. The same goes for parental communication. Students must keep their parents/guardians informed about team meetings and events and get permission for all team activities.

November-December — 8 writing workshops every Thursday

January—4 revision and editing workshops.

February—TBD “Book Release Party”


• Everybody will be interviewed by a panel of coaches and Split This Rock staff before November 3rd.

• The goal of interviews is for the coaches and staff to get to know each applicant as a whole person.

• Interviews will last about One (1) hour.

• After all interviews are complete and final decisions are made, interviewees will be alerted via email or phone calls, of whether or not they have been accepted

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I affirm by clicking yes below that I have permission from my parent/guardian to participate in Split This Rock’s Youth Programs and I commit myself to the Writer's Guild from November 2016-January 2017. I am excited to be part of the Workshops and will abide by all rules, regulations, and agreements made with the coaches/teaching artists. *
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