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Pluto Alpha Form
Do you and your friends want to stay connected while using SteamVR? Are you a small VR dev team looking for a better way to communicate in VR or remotely? We’re looking for groups of people eager to explore the possibilities of VR together.

We’re in active development and looking for quality input. Tell us what works for you. Tell us what doesn’t. Tell us what it enables you to do—and what you wish it could do.

Help us revolutionize remote communication.

Your answer
Your answer
Do you own any of the below systems? (check all that apply)
How many people do you know that you regularly hop into SteamVR experiences with?
How familiar are you with SteamVR and its features?
How many hours do you spend active in SteamVR experiences per week for fun / play purposes?
How many hours do you spend active in SteamVR experiences per week for work purposes?
Have you recently used a VOIP program or other communications software so that you could stay in touch with people while inside VR? (Teamspeak, Ventrilo, Discord, Skype, etc)
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