2014-15 Optional Meal Plan Contract

Only Complete This Contract if:

1. You've already completed the PLU Master Housing & Meal Agreement.
and you do not wish to select Meal Plan B.
2. You live in South Hall and you wish to have a meal plan.
3. You live off campus and you wish to have a meal plan.

Please Note: We recommend that anyone wishing to increase their meal plan first look to purchase additional Dining Dollars instead. To purchase Dining Dollars visit: http://dev.plu.edu/dining/meal-plans/dining-dollars/dining-dollars_1415/.

• There is no fee to purchase Dining Dollars.
• Dining Dollars are charged to the same student account as meal plans.
• Dining Dollars can be purchased in any amount.
• Dining Dollars do not expire until May 23, 2015

Student: Read this document carefully. When submitted, it becomes a legal and binding contract and governs the conditions under which Pacific Lutheran University agrees to provide meals only for the student who is party to this agreement. There are fees associated with this contract. It may only be cancelled as described below. A current PLU ID Card is required to access the meals provided in this contract.

All requested information must be accurate and is
required for this contract to be valid.

    This form is a legally binding contract between The Student:

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    and Pacific Lutheran University

    This contract will supercede the Meals section of the PLU Master Housing & Meal Agreement for all selected semesters, and all previous submissions of this contract. Only semesters noted will be changed. EFFECTIVE DATES OF CONTRACT: This contract will become effective when submitted. The dates of the contract for each semester are listed below. Meals may not be provided at every Campus Restaurant at all times during these dates. Meal dates are determined by the academic calendar and all-you-care-to-eat meals are not provided during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Breaks. Fall Semester: September 4, 2014 to December 19, 2014 J-Term: January 4, 2015 to January 31, 2015 Spring Semester: February 1, 2015 to May 22, 2015 PAYMENT DATES: It is assumed by Pacific Lutheran University that payment or acceptable arrangements for payment as stated below has been made for all fees. All semester fees are to be paid in full by the first day of each semester unless other arrangements have been agreed to on an online payment contract submitted to the Student Services Center. The Board of Regents of Pacific Lutheran University reserves the right to change the rates and/or dates of meal plans at any time. The student understands and agrees to accept responsibility for the legal obligation to pay all costs incurred as stated in the University Catalog, "Upon registration, the student, and his or her parents or legal guardian, agree to accept the responsibility and legal obligations to pay all tuition costs, room and meal fees, and other special fees incurred or to be incurred for the student's education." To participate in a PLU Dining & Culinary Services Meal Plan, a person must be in good standing with the University. Students losing their status of good standing during the semester will not receive a refund for meals after the cancellation deadline dates stated above.

    Meal Plans

    Meal Plan Components: 1. All-You-Care-to-Eat: The weekly seven AYCTE periods are: Sunday Brunch Sunday-Friday dinners Plans A-D include entrance to The Commons during AYCTE periods all three semesters. Plan E includes 50 one admittance AYCTE meals for Spring & Fall terms — these expire at the end of each term. Plan F does not include any AYCTE meals. Plan G includes 20 one admittance AYCTE meals for Spring & Fall terms — these expire at the end of each term. Unlimited access means that you can enter The Commons as many times as you'd like during each period (Meal Plans A-D). During all-you-care-to-eat meal periods, all food selected in the dining unit must be consumed prior to leaving the dining room. Any removal of food from the dining room during these periods will be referred to the Student Conduct System. 2. Dining Dollars & a la carté items: Dining Dollars are a declining balance tender which may be used for individual items at all campus restaurants. Dining Dollars are available for purchase June 1st and carry over to the end of the Academic Year. However, they do expire at 10:00 p.m. on May 23, 2015. When an official withdrawal from the University has been processed through the Student Services office, unused Dining Dollars purchased in the semester withdrawn are 100% refundable and will only be applied to the PLU student account.

    Meal Plan Requirement:

    Meal Plan Requirement: PLU’s Board of Regents has determined it is not feasible to offer housing and meal services separately during the academic year. Students contracting for housing at PLU (except those assigned to live in South Hall at the time this contract is submitted) are automatically contracted for meals. Students requiring special accommodations should contact the Dining & Culinary Services office at 253-535-7472. Meal Plan Deadline: Students may add or change their meal plan without a penalty for any semester until 5:00 p.m. the day before meals begin for the respective semester. The specific dates for the start of the 2014-15 Meal Plans are September 4, 2015, for Fall Semester, January 4, 2015 for J-Term and February 1, 2015 for Spring Semester. After the deadlines noted above, changes in meal plans will be assessed a $50.00 handling fee. New contracts may be signed at any time throughout the year and will be assessed the fee. Students may charge their PLU Student Account to add additional Dining Dollars to their LuteCard account at any time until midnight on April 30th. Students may purchase Dining Dollars at the Campus Concierge at anytime, however, Dining Dollars purchased at the Campus Concierge must be paid for at the time of purchase. Meal Plan Cancellation: Your meal plan may be cancelled online at the Dining & Culinary Services website. If you're moving off-campus, live in South Hall, or are studying abroad, you may need to cancel your meal plan online at the Dining & Culinary Services website. Cancelling University housing within the first 14 weeks of the semester will result in an automatic cancellation of Student’s meal plan agreement. There are no refunds for cancelling after the Monday of the 14th week of classes each semester. When Student officially withdraws from the University, unused Dining Dollars purchased the semester of withdrawl and future all-you-care-to-eat meals, will be credited to the PLU student account. Refunds will not be provided for previous semester's Dining Dollars or unused all-you-care-to eat-meals. Identification: The University LuteCard is used in The Commons for AYCTE meals purchased through a meal plan contract and to purchase meals with Dining Dollars at all campus restaurants. The Student must present a valid card to be admitted to AYCTE meals or to make purchases with Dining Dollars. It is for the exclusive use of the Student to whom it is issued and is non-transferable. Any misuse of the LuteCard including the inappropriate transfer to others for any campus access will subject the owner to disciplinary action. Responsibility for safeguarding and proper use of the card is solely that of its owner. Students can avoid any inconvenience and expense to themselves by treating their card as though it were cash or a credit card. Faulty, damaged or defaced cards will not be accepted. A card that is lost/stolen, damaged or defaced may be repaired or replaced at the Campus Concierge, a replacement fee may be charged.

    Please make a selection for each semester, only the semester(s) selected will be changed.

    2014 Fall Semester Meal Plan Selection

    Fall Deadline is September 3, 2014 — You will be charged $50 when changes are requested after this date (does not apply to Dining Dollar additions). $2541—Meal Plan A ($1070 Dining Dollars/5 Guest Meals) $2416—Meal Plan B ($930 Dining Dollars/3 Guest Meals) $2323—Meal Plan C ($830 Dining Dollars/1 Guest Meal) $2004—Meal Plan D ($484 Dining Dollars/0 Guest Meals) $975—Meal Plan E ($325 Dining Dollars/50 one admittance AYCTE meals expiring 12/19/2014) ————Only for Kreidler, South Hall & Off-Campus Students $500—Meal Plan F ($500 Dining Dollars)————Only for Kreidler, South Hall & Off-Campus Students $500—Meal Plan G ($240 Dining Dollars/20 one admittance AYCTE meals expiring 12/19/2014) ————Only Kreidler, South Hall & Off-Campus Students

    2015 J-Term Meal Plan Selection

    J-Term Deadline is January 3, 2015 — You will be charged $50 when changes are requested after this date (does not apply to Dining Dollar additions). Important: Students with Fall housing assignments are automatically assigned housing for J-Term and will be charged for a meal plan. If you are not going to be on campus for J-Term, notify the Residential Life Office. Students not notifying Residential Life will NOT receive a credit for unused meals.
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    2015 Spring Semester Meal Plan Selection

    Spring Deadline is January 31, 2015 — You will be charged $50 when changes are requested after this date (does not apply to Dining Dollar additions).
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    Submitting the Form

    Submitting this form signifies that all parties have read, understood, and agree to comply with all provisions included in this contract. Included in these provisions are the Master Housing and Meal Agreement, the Academic Year Meal Plan Contract, and the Pacific Lutheran University Housing Guide.

    Click below if you agree to the terms of the 2014–2015 Optional Meal Plan Contract You should receive a copy of your submission in your email. We strongly recommend that you print a copy for your records and keep a copy of this contract for your records.