Scratch Quiz
This quiz will test you to see how much you know about the basics of using Scratch.

There are 15 questions, each worth one mark. Don't submit the quiz until you have answered all the questions! Good luck!

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In the picture above, what does the circled controller do? *
Denise wrote a script to make the bat flap its wings, but when it runs she thinks the wings are flapping too slowly. What could she do to speed it up? *
Each time the script is run, a different cat sprite wins the race. Which block is mainly responsible for making this happen? *
Mindy needs a script to make her sprite move to the right until it bumps into a green object. Which of the above code blocks would work best to help Mindy make this happen? *
Vanessa wants to make a sprite draw a line when she clicks it. What would be the best order for the code blocks shown above to make this happen? *
Sally wants to make a program so that when she clicks on the purple penguin, the blue penguin does a dance. What Scratch block would she need to make this happen? *
Sally writes the script to make the blue penguin do a simple dance, but when she runs the script nothing appears to happen. Why could this be? *
When the space bar is pressed the cat sprite will move. Which area of the screen will it move into? *
If someone else has shared their Scratch project on the Scratch website, you can take your own copy and make changes to it. *
True or False?
You need to have a Scratch account in order to save your projects. *
True or False?
Priya wants to take a photo using her computer's built in webcam. She clicks the camera icon in Scratch and this message appears on the screen. Which button should she press if she wants to use her camera? *
While writing a Scratch program, Jenny clicks on the Motion category and is surprised to see there are no blocks in there. What is the most likely reason that Jenny sees no blocks? *
Abby writes a Scratch program to make the dog walk back and forth. It works, but every time the dog changes direction it turns upside down! How can Abby fix this? *
What will happen when the Space key is pressed? *
One of these Scratch scripts will create the circular design shown on the stage. Which one? *
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