Placenta Encapsulation Mini Kit Booking Form

Please complete the following form to order your placenta encapsulation mini kit for step-by-step instructions on making Traditional Chinese Medicine or Raw Dried Placenta Powder Capsules for use after birth. THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR SOLE USE OF THE FAMILY WHO PRODUCED THE PLACENTA INTENDED FOR ENCAPSULATION. IPEN DOES NOT GIVE WARRANTY TO THE EFFECTS OF PLACENTA CAPSULES NOR DOES IPEN TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ACTIONS OF THE ENCAPSULATOR. DOULAS AND MIDWIVES WHO INTEND TO HELP THEIR CLIENT USING THIS MINI KIT ARE ONLY PERMITTED TO MAKE THEIR CLIENTS CAPSULES IN THE CLIENTS OWN HOME ONLY. Get in touch if you have any questions or queries, we are here to help. You will be emailed a link to make a paypal payment. Please make payments within 48 hours of receiving the confirmation email. (clients in USA should consult their doctor for information on releasing the placenta from hospital after birth)
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