Deadringer Custom Work Estimate
So you would like to own a legendary piece of jewelry? Fantastic! We just need to get some details from you first, so that we can get in contact with an indication of what sort of ballpark figures we would be looking at.
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Where are you?
First things first, we need to know where in the world you are for shipping, taxes and laws. (Yeah laws). So where have you got your feet standing?
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Now we need to know about where your inspiration comes from and why you are interested in our work.
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Are we starting from your idea or one of our existing rings?
You can post a link to the item you like, or to inspiration or designs. Just copy the link below.
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Uniqueness *
Do you want this item to be unique and one of a kind? Some customers choose to create a ring from scratch that only they own. To offset the cost of this, we are sometimes able to offer a better price to you if we think that we can reuse the design in our range. One-offs are unique designs that are original and the most expensive. Limited edition are items we would only sell a limited number of. Customized are designs we already have that are altered to suit you. Personlized are our existing designs with a personal touch like a name or other. All core range rings are of course sized to you for no charge and made individually
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Which of our existing styles would be the base or the CLOSEST to your idea? We need to know what we are working from as a base level.
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Type *
What kind of item are you creating?
Size *
If ordering a ring, please state your size. If ordering another item, please indicate rough size in Width, Height and Depth.
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Metals *
What metals are you going to use?
Gems *
Will you use gemstones? Gems are sourced and priced individually, we will contact you about colours, prices, quality etc.
Will you want engraving (done after the casting)? Please explain.
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Purpose *
Vision *
Now, in your own words, tell us anything you can about this symbol you are going to create.
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Budget *
What is your maximum budget to come under? Money is not everything, but gold is gold.
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Do you have a hard deadline that you need to work to?
Deadline Reason?
What is this deadline for?
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We are able to produce hand-decorated pine coffin jewelry boxes to keep your ring in. They are all one-off made to suit the item and owners taste. Would you like to add one of these to your order?
Our Work
After looking through our previous work, do you have any particular favourites, so that we have a sense of what things you like?
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Anything you would like to talk about?
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