Picnic Day 2017 Pledge
In a manner reflective of Aggie Pride, I pledge to:

-Conduct myself responsibly at Picnic Day 2017.
-Respect other students, faculty, staff, community members, and guests to ensure a positive Picnic Day experience.
-Make safe and healthy decisions.
-Step up and speak out in any situation that could potentially cause harm to another person or myself.
-Support and encourage others to take responsibility for preserving Picnic Day for future generations of Davis students and the community.

Your name will be added to the list committing to this pledge below.
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Chelsea Hernandez, Student, Picnic Day Chair
Grace Gaither, Student, Picnic Day Vice Chair
Molly Bechtel, Alumni, Student Activities Coordinator & Picnic Day Advisor
Madhav Sharma, Student, Picnic Day Technical Director
Nick Lee , Student, Picnic Day Business Director, Beta Theta Pi President, UA Tour Guide, Student Ambassador Committee Communications and Recruitment Team Member
Kristen Lui, Student, Picnic Day Publicity Director
Annie Li, Student, Picnic Day Director of Volunteers
Helen Xie, Student, Picnic Day Exhibits Director
Cynthia Chong, Student, Picnic Day Graphics Director
Jackson Anderson, Student, Director of Operations at UC Davis Picnic Day
Caitlyn Dedet, Student, Picnic Day Animal Events Director
Daisy Sanchez, Student, Children's Discovery Fair Director
Grace Cheng, Student, Picnic Day Special Events Director
Carrie Ng, Student, Picnic Day Student Organization Fair Director
Gabriel Escudero, Student, Picnic Day Entertainment Director
Daria Bisharah, Student, Picnic Day Parade Director, Order of Omega President, Campus Ambassador Tour Guide, Student Ambassador Council Communications Team Member, Psychology Peer Advisor, Sister of Kappa Alpha Theta
Qun Xia, Student, Picnic Day Technical Assistant Director
Ryan Leung, Student, Picnic Day Technical Assistant Director
Ahalya Bhandarkar, Student, Technical Assistant Director
Kitan García, Student, Picnic Day Assistant Technical Director
Patty Liu, Student, Picnic Day Technical Assistant Director
Elaine Shen, Student, Picnic Day SOF Assistant Director
Jiahui Xue, Student, Picnic Day SOF Assistant Director
Marilyn McBryan, Student, Picnic Day Entertainment Assistant Director
Sami Sanfelice , Student, Picnic Day Entertainment Assistant Director
Damian Cortez, Student, Picnic Day Entertainment Assistant Director
Alfredo Rodriguez, Student, Picnic Day Entertainment Assistant Director
Remal Halabi, Student, Picnic Day Entertainment Assistant Director
Chelsea Falk, Student, Picnic Day Parade Assistant Director
Peter Lee, Student, Picnic Day Parade Assistant Director
Minh Truong, Student, Parade Assistant Director
Naomi Reeley, Student, Assistant Parade Director
Janet Nguyen, Student, Picnic Day, Chair Assistant Director
Richard Noguchi, Student, SigEp & Picnic Day Chair Assistant Director
Liqi Li, Student, Chair Assistant Director
QiHao Yu, Student, Picnic Day Vice Chair Assistant Director
April Yoshihara , Student, Picnic Day Animal Events Assistant Director
Angela Ruan, Student, Picnic Day Animal Events Assistant Director
Vally Chen, Student, Animal Event Assistant Director
Xinyi Gao, Student, Animal Event Assistant Director
Bella Bucheli, Student, Special Events Assistant Director & Alpha Delta Pi Sister
Samuel Richard Tjokrosoeharto, Student, Picnic Day Special Events Assistant Director
Hilary Wong, Student, Picnic Day Business Assistant Director
Chloe Zhang, Student, Picnic Day Business Assistant Director
Linda Zhou, Student, Business Assistant Director
Aashka Shah, Student, Volunteer Assistant Director
Karen Chi, Student, Volunteer Assistant Director
Annabelle Rozell, Student, Picnic Day Transportation Assistant Director
Elise Pohlhammer, Student, Picnic Day Children's Discovery Fair Assistant Director
Nicole Deacon, Student, CDF Assistant Director
Madhuri Narayan, Student, Picnic Day Children's Discovery Fair Assistant Director
Avina Mahroke, Student, Picnic Day Childrens Discovery Fair Assistant Director
Atinder Kaur, Student, Assistant Operations Director
Trevor Jones, Alumni, Mr
Amber Scovil, Student, n/a
Carissa Danae Dela Cruz Fejarang , Student, Incoming Freshman
Robert B Sykes, Community Member, Visitor
Gisele Arguello, Student, Student
Ashley Ho, Student, Student
Ella Nguyen, Student, Student
Alex Lam, Alumni, Former Picnic Day Director
Sarah Locklin, Student, Janet Nguyen's #1 best friend
Tyler Page, Community Member, Visitor
Emily Bader, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Elizabeth Srenton, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Zoe Martin, Student, Delta Delta Delta, UC Davis Center for Design in the Public Interest
Matthew Raytis, Student, Sprout Up Lead Instructor / Undergraduate
Sofia Boronkay, Student, Undergraduate
Rylie Becerril, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Vanessa Carreno Alvarez, Student, Incoming Freshman
Cheuk Sze Chan, Student, Senior Student
Lingyi Cao, Student, Senior
Wesley Chang, Alumni, Alumni
Alyssa Eckels, Student, Political Science Undergrad
Elizabeth Costa, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Grace Scott, Alumni, Alumni
Samantha Thomas, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Annette Nguyen, Alumni, Former Picnic Day Vice Chair
Dustan Li, Alumni, Publicity Director (2014 & 2015)
Kaila Mattera, Student, UCD Women's Rowing
Karen Grinyer, Alumni, Cal Aggie Alumni Marching Band-uh
Stephen Curry, Student, Undergraduate
Allison Tearjen, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Michelle Lopez, Student, Student
Amanda Lee, Student, Student
Angela Octaviani, Alumni, Class of 2015
Lyndon Huling, Staff, Coordinator
Michelle Liu, Student, Former Assistant Director
John Miller, Student, 3L Representative, UC Davis School of Law
Andi Vilaboy, Student, Member of Delta Delta Delta
Maria Andrea Breboneria, Student, Incoming Freshman
Patrick Huynh, Student, Picnic Day Technical Director's Housemate
Ryan Hatmaker, Student, Beta Theta Pi
Andrew DeStefano, Student, Student
Zinneta Remediakis, Student, Student
Lisa Ann Mrizek, Community Member, N/A
Will Wang, Student, Student
Alexandra Vu, Student, Student
Valerie Don, Student, Student
Kishan Patel, Student, HPA Pre-Med Peer Advisor/ PHAN Coordinator
Minh Nguyen, Student, Sophomore
Hemali Patel, Student, Academic Affairs Commission Chairperson of ASUCD
Juno Bharfwah, Student, Na
Hardeep Setia, Student, Student
Wenyue Zhao, Student, Student
Karina Coltun Schneider, Student, Saa board of director
Samantha Teshima, Student, Student
Melanie Hanson, Student, ATOD Student Assistant
Shana R. Hager, Student, Student
Terry Pham, Student, Student
Faustine, Student, Student
Ruosi Sha, Student, Student
Robert Kesselman, Student, Student
Shivam Gupta, Student, Student
Deb Johnson, Staff, Director of Recreation
Tiffany Hoang, Student, Student
Natalie Garcia, Student, Chi Omega
Ivan Ornelas, Student, Student, Members Services Attendant, President of Nintendo club at UC Davis
Erica Floyd, Student, Nursing Club at UCD member
Andrea Montalvo, Student, Nursing Club Member
Tiffany Lung, Student, Nursing Club
Brandon Ding, Student, Nursing Club
Amber Governale, Student, Nursing Club
Tammi Tu, Student, Nursing Club
Rebecca Davis, Student, Nursing Club
Christine, Student, Nursing Club member
Alex Lee, Student, Nursing Club at UC Davis
Linh Nguyen, Student, Nursing Club Member
Chelsea Adwere-Boateng, Student, Undergraduate student
Oscar Rodriguez, Alumni, Substitute Teacher
Sharia Bokhari, Student, ARC Building Supervisor
Kelly Holt, Staff, Assistant Director, UC Davis Stores
Mina Arasteh, Student, Student Researcher
Sam Alavi, Student, Student
Sylvana Guzman, Student, Driver
Jenny Duong, Student, Student
Simon Han, Student, Student
Diana Zaragoza, Student, Research assistant
Christian Alfaro, Student, Student
Dulce Lucio, Student, Student
Taylor Dang, Student, Student
Pheniley Alvarez, Student, Student
Alea Ahola, Student, Student
Jennifer Nguyen, Student, Student
Kassity Flores, Student, Student
Abraham Fong, Student, Student
Xiaotong Wang, Student, Student
Christine Knobel, Student, Grad student
Seongyoon Hong, Student, Student
Yino Qin, Student, Student
Jiawei Hu, Faculty, UC Davis Faculty
Janet Garcia, Student, Student
Luis Berg, Student, Student
Matthew Lococo, Student, Student
Clarissa Gomez, Student, Student
Rebecca Santos, Student, Student
Yinuo Zhang, Student, Student
Valery Rodriguez, Student, Student
José Ávila , Student, Student
Colette Curran, Student, Student
Lisa Tran, Student, Junior student
Carolyn Ezell, Student, Junior, transfer student
iliana hernandez, Student, Student
Kimberly Francis, Student, Student
Jovana Veselinovic, Student, PhD Student
Colette Yee, Student, Sigma Omicron Pi
Trina Abdul, Student, Man Econ Major
Janna Davis, Student, Student Housing FYE Peer Advisor, Craft Center Front Desk Volunteer, Regents' Scholar Society Officer, Equestrian
Lisette Villa, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Karen Xu, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Kaili Barnes, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Katie McCarty, Student, Tri Delta
Lindsey Shrout, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Ryley Donohoe, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Roshni Joseph, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Erin Love , Student, Delta Delta Delta
Alisa Poon, Student, Nursing Club Member
Ashley Scianna, Student, Incoming Freshman
Ariana Barrios, Student, Undergraduate
Mtoa Mema Jones, Student, Student
Uyenmi Nguyen, Student, Student
Marisol Beas, Student, Student
Jose Carrera , Student, Student
Ammon Williams, Student, Junior
Brenda Student Peer advisor
Victoria Saboya , Student, Student
César Godoy, Student, Peer Advisor
Miranda abuyaghi, Student, Student
Jesy Nelson, Student, Student
Sophie Sun, Student, Studentent
Zoe Che, Student
Alicia Stevens, Student, Student
Sierra Ervin, Student, Student
Natasha Jones , Student, Student
Any Watch , Student, Student
Jailene Molina , Student, Na
Madison Dosh, Student, Student
Daisy Castro, Student, Student
Xiang Li, Student, Student
Zoe Che, Student, Student
Asia Pitzer, Student, Student
Karin Adriani, Student, Student
Nicollette Rayray, Student, Student
Maria bellamacina, Student, Student
Jenny Chen, Student, Student
Aileen Ayala, Student, Student
Viridiana He Student Student
Phoebe isaacson, Student, UC davis
Brie , Student, Student
Abigail Tran, Student, Undergrad
Karla Palomares, Student, Student
Kathleen Ramos, Student, Student
Carolina Quiroz, Student, Student
Ariana Restua, Student, Student
Kyle Thornburg, Student, Student
Angelica Villa, Student, Student
Sara Johnson, Student, Student
Claire Barron Goldman, Student, Student
Katherine Whitman, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Katie Kroger, Student, Member of Tri Delta
Ahna Heller, Staff, Communications
Michael Gonzalez , Student, Student
Ronald Rivera, Student, Sigma Delta Alpha Fraternity, Inc
Shuning Zhong, Student, Student
Michael Bancroft, Student, Recreational Running Club
Ayah Abdulrazzaq, Student, Student
Arianna Manabt, Student, Undergraduate - Unitrans Driver
Yinuo Qin, Student, Freshman
Lucia Liu, Student, Student
Yanan Zhang, Student, Student
Ahmed Alzahrani, Student, Student
Melissa Mateo, Student, Freshman
Nicholas Phillips, Student, Student
Kristin Kirk, Student, Peer Advising Counselor
Harvey Ching, Student, Student
Tabitha Wibowo, Student, Undergrad
Natalie Sahabandu, Student, Undergraduate Researcher
Liam Newell, Student, President of Picnic Day Club
Arifah Syuhada Ahamad Razman, Student, Junior Student
Brianna Nicole Pinkney, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Anna Biosca, Student , Delta Delta Delta, College of Biological Sciences
Ada Kwong, Student, Undergraduate Researcher
Adam Kunz, Student, Graduate Student
Claire Chevallier, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Kayla Dillard, Student, Kappa Alpha Theta
Frances Radcliffe, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Marlen Guzman, Student, Student/Resident Advisor
Kristen Torres, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Qilian Yu, Student, Graduate Student Research
Sheila Mae Fermin, Student, Freshman
Lucas McKinnon, Student, Graduate Student
Katherine Guilford, Student, Law student
Tiannan Hu, Student, PhD
Chenyue Xie, Student, Student
Lysi Newman, Student, Vet Aide
Ye Wang, Student, Freshman
Chen Dang, Student, Student
Charit Mehta, Student, Student
Julian Kwan, Student, Badminton Club leader
Benjamin Griesser, Student, Student
Lea Randrup, Student, Student
Austin Kyan, Student, Student
Shelby M. Warren, Student, Prytanean Women's Honor Society, Imani Clinic
Julia Berkovitz, Student, Undergrad
Adela Contreras, Student, Student
Yujin Jin, Student, Student
Ngo Laam Chu, Student, Student
Man Io Sou, Student, Student
Myranda Love, Student, Alpha Chi Omega, Band-Uh
Daniel Johnson, Student, Graduate School of Management Faculty
Jyothirmai Srinathu, Student, Graduate student
Destini Cruz Bejar Soriano , Student, Student
Elisa Bargetto, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Ruben Garcia , Student, Undergraduate Student, UC Davis
Emily Bingham, Student, Sister of Tri Delta
Marc Pollack, Student, Graduate Student
Yibin Kuo, Student, Freshman
Samantha Ayon, Student, 1st Year Generation College Student
Jennifer Tippetts, Student, Student
Savannah Woods, Student, Sprout Up Lead Instructor
Elizabeth Becerra, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Matthew Self, Student, Student
Shu Yi Cheah, Student, Student
Marc Olds, Student, Resident Advisor
Vanessa Som, Student, Freshman
Elizabeth Montoya, Student, Student
Kimberly Hara, Student, We Are Aggie Pride Board Member
Jillian Fivecoat, Student, Veterinary Student
Marcos Ismael Rodriguez , Student, ASUCD Senator
Chloe Celniker, Student, Student
Vivian Pineda, Student, Davis Aggie Lions Club
Francisc Rivera, Student, Student
Ruth Brown, Student, Freshman
Yixin Zhang, Student, Fashion And Design Club Member
Eileen Fan, Student, Student
Yizhi Tao, Student, Student
Molly Spencer, Student, Student
Emma Loll, Student, Kappa Alpha Theta, Executive Assistant
Analinda Ornelas, Student, Student Performer
Maria Barron, Student, Student
Jeffrey Baptista, Student, Volunteer/student
Lily Elisha, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Bryant Palacios, Student, Undergraduate
Sara Williams, Student, ASUCD External Affairs Commission Chair
Chunyi Yan, Student, Waste Reduction Intern of DC - Sustainability
Daniel Erenstein, Student, Resident Advisor
Andy Huang, Student, Undergraduate Chemistry Student
Michael Mears, Student, Biological Sciences - Plant Biology Emphasis
Julienne Alexis Correa, Student, Student
Abdulaziz Yaslam, Student, Undergraduate
Minda Moe, Student, Quiz Bowl President, AIPG and Geology Club Activities Coordinator
Mina Weakley, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Youssef Khattab, Student, STDT 3
Ariel Munoz, Student, Student
Mario Hartanto, Student, Student
Tessa Miller, Student, Student
Lauren Sowerby, Student, Delta Delta Delta member
Vy Thai, Student, Student
Trent Capurso, Student, Student
Ellen Mei Cavanaugh, Student, Undergraduate Student
Alexander Tanachev, Student, Kinh Hall Law School
Mira Shah, Student, Member of Alpha Delta Pi
Matisse Madrone, Student, NA
Bridget Marin, Student, Student
Morgan Buchan, Student, Kappa Kappa Gamma
Joanna Tang, Student, Student
Tazeen Ashraf, Student, Recently admitted student
Cui Xia Guo, Student, Student
Nicole Marter, Student, Student
Jordan Zachary Wolfman, Student, Student
Adam Atamian, Student, Future Community Assistant
Manny Carter-Joslyn, Student, Peer Advisor, Transfer Reentry Center
Gabriella Bertaccini, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Sabrina R. Perell, Student, Alpha Delta Pi, Scholarship Chair
Sharon Yang, Student, Incoming Freshman
Xinyu Yao, Student, Student
Katherine Wheatfill, Student, Art undergraduate
Gabby Echt, Student, Freshmen
John Voong, Student, Freshman
Denise Jones, Student, Undergrad Student
Chelyah Miller, Student, Student
Arthur Ernest Meyer IV, Student, Class of 2017
Liang Chun Wei, Student, UCDavis Student
Sean Lowery, Student, IET STDT 4 Assistant
Xinhua Yang, Student, Student
Olivia Thorne, Student, Student
Katie DeVore, Student, Vice President of Pre-Vet Students Supporting Diversity Club
Lindsey Young, Student, Cal Aggie Marching Band-Uh
Joshua Claxton, Student, Student
Chelsea Price , Student, Student
Lyndy Abdelsayed, Student, Aggie Ambassador
Rebecca Caabay, Student, Campus Rotaract Club of Davis ProDev Director
Sravya Divakarla, Student, Undergraduate
Steven Nguye , Student, Student
Sitara Maroof, Student, Student
Constance Ou, Student, Student
Stuti Patel, Student, Student
Ryan Jung, Student, Sigma Alpha Mu
Matthew Brown, Student, Student
Bethany Tinklenberg, Student, Cady's Best Friend
Linh Ngo, Student, STUDENT
Quency Hadisubroto, Student, Volunteer
Megan Hong, Student, Student
Hannah Mosheim, Student, Janet Nguyen's #1 biggest fan!
Saba Khan, Student, Incoming freshman
Annie Wang, Student, International Relations Major, Aggie Reuse Store Intern
Hana McHale, Student, Undergraduate Student
Bardia Ghayoumi, Student, Student researcher
Tianquan Wang, Student, College of letter & science
Priscilla Jennifer, Student, Kemper College of Engineering
Christopher Suarez Rivas, Student, Student
Antash Najib, Student, GSR
Amy Tam, Student, Relay For Life at UC Davis, Entertainment Chair
Jiawei Duan, Student, Freshman
Michelle Wong, Student, Student
Megan Rose Marie Powers, Student, Freshman
Jinjie Dai, Student, Davis
Zayra De Leon, Student, Undergraduate
Kathleen Furtado, Student, Graduate Student
Camille Frias, Student, UC Davis Dance Team
Morgan Kimmey, Student, Kappa Kappa Gamma
Shannon Beaumont, Student, Student
Alex Chapman, Student, Mr.
Trevor Lynn, Student, Student
Rebekah Shulman, Student, Delta Delta Delta
Tania Josephine, Student, Aggie Studios, PERMIAS at UC Davis, KAO
Adrianna Caro, Student, Tri Delta
Noreen Karim, Student, Research scholar (Short term Scholar)
Melissa Zavala, Student, Undergraduate Student
Abdulrahman Almutrib, Student, picnic day man
Surivan Khamvongsod, Student, STDT 3 Bookstore
Tatiana Thomas, Student, Undergraduate student
Jerome Thresher Olsson, Student, Undergraduate Student at UCD College of Letters and Sciences
Christina Duong, Student, Rotaract Club, The Willow Clinic, ABUD
Aubrey Whitish, Student, Student
Gabrielle Stroubakis, Student, Student
Joseph Matthew Wetherbee, Staff, Undergraduate Admissions Transfer Opportunity Program Coordinator
Ayaka Murase, Student, Student
Jiageng Liu, Student, Student
Anne Mancio, Student, MAS Assistant, FAHC Member
Berenice Torres, Student, Undergraduate
Jessica O Ward, Student, Student
Mechele Fillman, Community Member, Guest Entertainer
Jillian Cameron, Student, Pre-PA Club Member
Krystal Elias, Student, MU information attendant
Lifeng Mei, Student, Student
Ben Tenner, Student, Student Athlete
Mengyuan Xiao, Student, Grad Student
Marquis Williams, Student, BSU President Intern
Yoon Lee, Student, GSP
Jonathan Doan, Student, Student
Xingben Xi, Student, LLM student
Jiaxin Liang, Student, L.L.M student
Fangming Zheng, Student, Student
Ryan Sha, Student, Student
Zehao Xiao, Student, Student
Wei Xue, Student, PhD Student
Wenda Xu, Student, Student
Mike Blanco, Community Member, Community member
Grace Liu, Staff, Associate Director Sponsored Programs
Lindsay Noggles, Student, Student
Melissa Johnson, Student, Resident Advisor
Keke Huang, Student, Freshman
Jie Zhou, Student, Student
Justin Choi, Student, Manetti Shrem Museum Staff
Liang Chun Wei, Student, Psychology undergraduate student
Anthony J. Tayag, Student, Undergraduate
Michelle Mah, Student, Picnic Day Visitor
Randall Floyd, Student, Quarterback
Tommy Saechao, Student, Student
Jazmina A. Chavez, Student, Undergrad Student
Stephani Salazar Madrid, Student, Undergraduate
Kevin Hsu, Student, Sigma Kappa Rho president
Cecilia , Student, Freshman
George Ugartemendia, Student, MPH Graduate Student Representative
Lin Lin, Student, Student
Junwei Li, Student, Student
Bowen Jia, Student, Student
Wenxing Zhu, Faculty, Visiting Scholar
Philip Esguerra, Student, Freshman
Martha Teeter, Staff, Volunteer Clinical Faculty
Yeung Ting Nga, Student, Student
Matt Keo, Student, Grad Student
Indrajit Jana, Student, Student
Serra Perry, Student, Prospective Student
Tami Taylor Imholz, Alumni, Visitor
Steven Cheung, Community Member, Student
Marshall Henson, Community Member, Employee
Bryce Jacobs, Student, Incoming Freshman
Xiaotong Su, Student, Student
Flordel De Castro, Student, Freshman
Yang Gao, Student, Student
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