Morel MASH-UP 2017 Sign-up form
This form is for clubs to sign up to pour their beer. We will reach out to you in the upcoming weeks to keep you informed and to find out what you are bringing so we can keep the local media in the know. This is always a great event
The details (what we know anyway)
Tent opens at 12:30PM, Saturday May 6th...... so be there by 10:00AM. Let me tell you why........
The Mayor and his minions will meander around the tent at 11:30AM to pick a couple beers from each club for the Mayor to try and choose a best of Club of show. Getting there by 10:00AM leaves enough time to checked in, get your wrist band (one per keg), get set up and ready for the minion parade. Detals about parking, and everything else will come closer to the event. As a thank you for your time, your beer and for YOU...... MASH will have a special gift for every brewer that donates a keg.
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FYI ....
The city will want to know what beer styles and names (make them good) so they can pimp the event in the local and regional media.... but we'll bug you later about that.
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