Undergraduate Physics Major Departmental Scholarship Application
Please complete this application to help us assess your qualifications for a Physics Departmental scholarship. All required fields must be completed. Only currently enrolled physics majors at the University of Maryland, College Park are eligible. By submitting this form, you certify that the information you provide in this application is correct. Please send any questions or comments to ugrad@physics.umd.edu. (Application Deadline: As soon as possible but not later than January 13, 2017.)
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What is your grade point average based on all of your physics major (PHYS/MATH) courses? Enter "New" if you have not completed any college level PHYS or MATH courses applicable to the physics major.
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If you have been involved in undergraduate research in physics, please tell us about your experience.
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Work Experience:
Please tell us about your recent non-research work experience.
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Research Experience:
Please provide us with information about your physics related research experience. Include the name of your research mentor and the name of the research group.
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Community Outreach:
Please provide us with information about your community service activities (SPS, education outreach, unpaid tutoring, clubs, or other volunteer activities).
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Teaching Experience:
Have you had any teaching related experience? For example, have you tutored students, worked as a teaching assistant, participated in the Physics Department's Learning Assistant Program, etc. If so, please describe your experience.
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Statement of Interest:
Please tell us about your interest in physics and your career plans.
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Other Information:
Please provide us with information about internships, awards, and anything else you think will help us assess your application for scholarships from the Physics Department.
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