Phandeeyar Accelerator Application 2017
Phandeeyar Accelerator would like to know more about you, your team and your amazing idea/startup. If you run into any problems while completing the form, please read the FAQ on our website - or contact us at

Deadline for the Application is Monday, July 31 2017.

We recommend that, before submitting this application form, you copy/paste all your responses to a document stored locally on your computer. That way, you can always find your responses again.

We strongly advise you to attend our information sessions and start-up related workshops. You'll receive valuable information, meet our Accelerator team, network with tech entrepreneurs from Yangon's startup community, and have your questions answered. Check out this link for Phandeeyar's upcoming events:

What's the name of your startup? *
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We want to get to know you! Tell us more about you and your team.
Who are the founders? Please list their role, brief background and LinkedIn profile. *
For example: Kan Linn Thurein, (CEO): studied engineering at Yangon university and has been an engineer for 3 years; Thet Sandar Thawka (CTO): studied IT at Yangon university and worked as an consultant for 2 years; Phyu Khaing: (Marketing): just finished her marketing BA at Singapore University
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Who else is on your team? *
E.g. Thuta Zarni works as an accountant for 5 hours/per week.
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Please provide the contact name, phone number and email address of the founders *
Please provide at least 2 phone numbers. E.g. Thet Sandar Thawka,, +959945326633 , +959945326644 *Please be sure to check your messages/inbox frequently for updates on your application
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How long have the founders known each other? How did they meet? *
E.g. Thet Sandar Thawka met Kan Linn Thurein in university and after they had the initial idea, Phyu Khan's (Thet Sandar Thawka's cousin) came on board.
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Which relevant experiences do the founders have? *
What makes you special and what have you accomplished? E.g. 5 years in a telecommunications company
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Who is/are responsible for the Operation/Business development? *
E.g. Thet Sandar Thawka and Mg Thet Mg
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Who is responsible for the technology(product)? *
E.g. Kan Linn Thurein
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Can all founders attend the full program in person? *
If you get accepted, will you and your core team work full time on this startup without any other external work obligations? *
Please answer Yes or No. If No then, please explain the reasons below.
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Tell us about your idea and why we should fund it!
How would you describe your product in 140 characters (or less)? *
E.g. An App for buying bus tickets through your mobile phone balance.
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Which problem are you solving? *
E.g. We're solving the problem of a) carrying cash in the exact amount of the ticket fare b) long waiting time until everyone who wants to use the bus has paid c) easy overview of bus schedule
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What alternatives do your customers use today to solve that problem? *
E.g. There's no real alternative. Today everyone pays in cash and no online schedules exist.
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What's the story behind your idea? And why did you choose to work on this idea? *
E.g. One day when Kan Linn Thurein and Thet Sandar Thawka took the bus to go to university they were really frustrated because the bus driver didn't have change and they didn't have the exact amount.
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Who are your customers and why are they going to love your idea/product?
How do you know that people face the problem you're solving? Have you done customer validation? *
E.g. We went to 5 different bus stops and each time asked 50 people who were waiting what they dislike about the current method of payment. 80% said, that paying in cash is very time-consuming. We asked whether they would use our app and of those who were using smartphones, 86% said yes.
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How many people are currently using your product? *
E.g. None, because our service is not operating yet.
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Do you already have paying customers? *
Please answer Yes or No. If yes, please tell us the number and rate of growth.
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Please describe your typical users. *
Please include age, gender, education, occupation, nationality. E.g. 16-35 years old, no specific gender, every level of education, no specific occupation and either national or foreign. As you can see our app is made for everyone.
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Tell us what you know about your target market *
E.g. 500.000 people use the bus everyday, just in yangon - include sources where applicable
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Who else is trying to solve the same problem? And why are you better at it?
Who are your competitors? *
E.g. At the moment the App "BusBusMM" is our only competitor.
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What differentiates you from them? What makes your product better than your competitor's products? *
E.g. BusBusMM uses a payment system where the customer buys credits and then tops up his account in the app. We realized that we have to make the payment system as convenient as possible without any extra difficulties. That's why we're deducting the fee from the mobile balance.
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How far along are you?
Please tell us the current status of your product. *
Is your company already registered/incorporated? *
Where is your company registered? *
Have you raised money from any investors? *
If you have raised investment, please tick the type of investors below. *
What's your current company's equity split? *
Please list the equity of each founder, employee and investor in % E.g. Kan Linn Thurein: 40% Thet Sandar Thawka: 30% Phyu Khaing: 30%
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Please tell us more about your revenue and expenses.
What are your company's monthly revenues? [Please state in USD or Myanmar Kyat(MMK)] *
E.g. We don't have any revenue yet.
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What are your company's total monthly expenses? [Please state in USD or Myanmar Kyat(MMK)] *
E.g. We don't have any expenses yet. Our estimated monthly expenses are:
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We want to get to know you as well as possible. So please send us the link to your slide deck, and any additional files
Please provide the links to your presentation/slide deck below. *
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Please provide the links to any additional information materials of your startup below.
E.g. video or document links
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