Request to Distribute Materials to Students
Any request from civic institutions, charitable organizations or special interest groups that involve such activities as patriotic functions, contests, exhibits, sales of products to and by students, providing promotional materials to students, graduation prizes, fundraising or free teaching materials must be reviewed and approved by the Superintendent, and any such approval, granted for whatever cause or group, shall not be construed as an endorsement of said cause or group by this Board. The Board cautions parents to carefully review the materials submitted and to consider that the school is not endorsing the materials.

Any person or organization wishing to distribute information to students and/or families must submit for approval the following form at least two (2) weeks in advance of desired distribution. If permission to distribute the material is denied, the person or organization shall have the opportunity to make necessary revisions and/or deletions and re-submit to the Superintendent. Permission to distribute or display material does not imply agreement of its contents by either the administration of the school, the Superintendent or the Board.

Perrysburg Schools does not offer a kiosk or backpack stuffer option for hard copies of flyers; the process is entirely online. Once approved, the information submitted below will be made available to parents in digest form for a period of no less than one week. No graphics are permitted, but you may link to a flyer or additional information on your own web site.

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