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If you have questions about existing orders, shipments, products or billing, please reach out to Customer Service directly. Use the "Customer Service" link at the bottom of any OASIS page for contact information.
For issues using Pearson Digital Products such as access codes, websites and eTexts, follow these links for assistance:

Technical Support for Pearson Higher Ed Digital Products, including MyLabs & Mastering - https://support.pearson.com/getsupport/s/

Technical Support for Pearson K12 Digital Products - http://pearsonnacommunity.force.com

For OASIS General Inquiries: https://goo.gl/RAHNzO

To update your OASIS Registration information: http://goo.gl/cK5kFB

OASIS Login Issues
Before requesting help with logging in, please be sure you have done the following:
1. Are you on the right URL?
- Higher Ed customers (US): oasis.pearson.com
- K12 School customers (US): k12oasis.pearson.com
- Pearson Employees only: http://myoasis.pearson.com/ (must be on Pearson network to login)
- Higher Ed (US): https://oasis-b2b.pearson.com
- Higher Ed & K12 Customers (Canada): https://oasis-b2b.pearsoncanada.ca

2. Click "Forgot PIN?" on the Login page to reset the PIN automatically

3. Received the PIN reset email from OASIS and used the temporary PIN within 24 hours. If the PIN has expired, click "Forgot PIN?" to request another.
I need help with this Login issue:
Common OASIS issues
1. OASIS is optimized to work best with Internet Explorer. If you are using Firefox, Chrome, Safari or another browser, please try Internet Explorer instead.

2. If you are using Internet Explorer 8 or higher, you may need to use “Compatibility View”. Doing so will give you full access to all OASIS features. http://goo.gl/sR4GJS
If you have a technical issue using OASIS that is not listed above, please provide the following information to help us understand it better
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